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The big bad OC presidential table is here.

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US Presidential Elections at OC

Progress in Updating US Presidential Elections at OC
Posted October 28, 2006 at 07:55am by Chronicler

Documenting US Presidential Elections at OC
YearInauGeneral ElectionPrimaries Conventions
1800TJEV PV CE DR-1 F-1
1804TJEV PV DR-2 F-2
1808JMEV PV DR-3 F-3
1812JMEV PV DR-4 F-4 DWC
1816JMEV PV DR-5
1820JMEV PV DR-6
1832AJEV PV D-1 NR AM-1 BD
1836MVBEV PV CE D-2 AM-2 W-0
1840WHH, JTEV PV D-3 W-1 IAS Lty-1AM-3
1844JKPEV PV D-4 W-2 Lty-2 Tyler
1848ZT, MFEV PV D-5 W-3 FS-1a FS-1b Lty-3a Lty-3b N Lty-3c IC NvAm-1
1852FPEV PV D-6 W-4 FS-2 Lty-4a Lty-4b Lty-4c N Lty-4d Un NtAm-2
SR FreeD
1856JBEV PV D-7 R-1AmW-5NAmNAmS
1860ALEV PV D-8 R-2 SDCUPeo Lty-5
1864AL, AJEV PV D-9 R-3 IR
1868USGEV PV D-10 R-4
1872USGEV PV D-11 R-5 SOD Prb-1 LRP AM-1 LRf LCR NWkm ILR
ER-1 R&R
1876RBHEV PVE-Cmsn D-12 R-6 G-1 Prb-2 AmNt-2
1880JAG, CAAEV PV D-13 R-7 G-2 Prb-3 AM-3
1884GCEV PV D-14 R-8 G-3 Prb-4 ER-2 A-Mpy AmP-4
1888BHEV PV D-15 R-9 Prb-5 UnL UtL Am-5 G-4 IdRf ER-3
1892GCEV PV D-16 R-10 Pop-1 Prb-6 SL-1
1896WMEV PV D-17 R-11 Pop-2 NtD Prb-7 NPrb SL-2 Sil
1900WM, TREV PV D-18 R-12 Pop-3 Pop-MR Prb-8 SocD-1 SL-3 UnRf UtXn-1 Nt
A-Imp NtD SilR
1904TREV PV D-19 R-13 Soc-2 Prb-9 Pop-4SL-4 ContNt LtyUtXn -2
1908WHTEV PV D-20 R-14 Soc-3Prb-10 IcePop-5SL-5 UtXn-3
1912WWEV PV Rep Dem D-21 R-15 Prg-1Soc-4 Prb-11SL-6
1916WWEV PV Rep Dem D-22 R-16 Soc-5 Prb-12 Prg-2 SL-7 Am
1920WGH, CCEV PV Rep Dem D-23 R-17 Soc-6 FL-1 Prb-13AmSL-8ST
1924CCEV PV Rep Dem D-24 R-18Prg Prb-14Soc-7 Wk-1 SL-9 AmCwL-2Gb-1
1928HCHEV PV Rep Dem D-25 R-19 Soc-8 Wk-2 SL-10 Prb-15 FL-3 AHP
1932FDREV PV Rep Dem D-26 R-20Soc-9 Cm-3 Prb-16Lty SL-11 NtFL-4 Jb
1936FDREV PV Rep Dem D-27 R-21Un Soc-10 Cm-4 Prb-17 SL-12 Xn FL-5 Gb-2
1940FDREV PV Rep Dem D-28 R-22 Soc-11 Prb-18 Cm-5 SL-13
1944FDR, HSTEV PV Rep Dem D-29 R-23 Soc-12 Prb-19 SL-14 Am1 Cm-6
1948HSTEV PV Rep Dem D-30 R-24 SR-1 Prg-1 Soc-13 Prb-20 SL-15 SW-1 XnNtVeg
1952DDEEV PV Rep Dem D-31 R-25Prg-2 Prb-21 SL-16 Soc-14 Cst SW-2 Am1 XnNt
1956DDEEV PV Rep Dem D-32 R-26 SR-2 Cst SL-17 Prb-22 SW-3 Soc-15
1960JFK, LBJEV PV Rep Dem D-33 R-27 NSR-3 SL-18 Prb-23 SW-4 Soc-16 Cst
1964LBJEV PV Rep Dem D-34 R-28 SL-19 Prb-24 NSR-4 Cst SW-5 ISR Univ
1968RMNEV PV Rep Dem D-35 R-29AI-1 SL-20 SW-6 PF-1 Prb-25 Cm-1
1972RMN, GRFEV PV Rep Dem D-36 R-30 AI-2 Peo-2 SW-7 SL-21 Cm-2 Prb-26 Lbt-1 Univ
1976JECEV PV Rep Dem D-37 R-31 Lbt-2 AI-3 Am-1 SW-8 Cm-3 Peo-3 US Lb Prb-27
SL-22 Soc-17 SocD
1980RWREV PV Rep Dem D-38 R-32 NtU-1 Lbt-3 Cit-1 Cm-4 AI-4 SW-9 PF-4 St-28
Am-2 Soc-18 WW-1 RTL-1
1984RWREV PV Rep Dem D-39 R-33 Lbt-4 Cit-2 Pop-5 Cm-5 SW-10 WkL-1 Prb-29 PF-5
Soc-19 Am-3 I All-1 WW-2 NtU-2
1988GHWBEV PV Rep Dem D-40 R-34 Lbt-5 NAll-2 Pop Cmr-3 AI-6 RTL-3 WkL-2 SW-11
PF-6 Prb-30 WW-3 Am-4 Soc-20
1992WJCEV PV Rep Dem D-41 R-35 Perot-1 Lbt-6 Am1-7 NAll-3 US Tx-1 NL-1 PF-7 SW-12
RTL-4 WkL-3 WW-4 Prb-31 Soc-21 Am-5
1996WJCEV PV Rep Dem D-42 R-36 Rf-2 G-1 Lbt-7 US T-2 NL-2 WW-5 PF-8 SW-13
Soc-22 SEP-4 Prb-32 CURE Am-6
2000GWBEV PV Rep Dem D-43 R-37 G-2 Rf-3 Rf-M Lbt-8 Cst-3 NL-3 SW-14 S-23
WW-6 Prb-33 Am-7 PF-9 AI-9
2004GWBEV PV Rep Dem D-44 R-38 Rf-4 Lbt-9 Cst-4 G-3 PF-10 SW-15 Soc-24 Prb-34
WW-7 SEP-5 Am-8
2008BHOEV PV Rep Dem D-45 R-39 Lbt-10 Cst-5 G-4 S&L SW-16 Soc-25 BTP Prb-35
Prb-D Rf-5 PF-11 Am-9

Presidential Debates

Presidential Debate Coverage at OC
YearPrimaryGeneral Election VP
1948Rep None None
1956Dem None None
1960D-1 , D-2 1st , 2d , 3d , 4th None
1968 D-1, D-2NoneNone
1972D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4 NoneNone
1976 None1st , 2d, 3d VP
1980R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6, Dem1st, 2d None
1984D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6,
D-7, D-8, D-9, D-10, D-11
1st , 2d VP
1988 R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6, R-7
D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8,
D-9, D-10, D-11, D-12, D-13, D-14, D-15,
D-16, D-17, D-18, D-19, D-20, D-21, D-22
1st , 2d VP
1992D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7,
D-8, D-9, D-10, D-11 (no Rep)
1st , 2d, 3d VP
1996R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6, R-7 (no Dem) 1st, 2d VP
2000R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6,
R-7, R-8, R-9, R-10, R-11, R-12
D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9
1st, 2d, 3d VP
2004D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9,
D-10, D-11, D-12, D-13, D-14, D-15, D-16
1st , 2d, 3d VP
2008D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9,
D-10, D-11, D-12, D-13, D-14, D-15, D-16, D-17,
D-18, D-19, D-20, D-21, D-22, D-23, D-24, D-25
R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6, R-7, R-8, R-9,
R-10, R-11, R-12, R-13, R-14, R-15, R-16, R-17,
Lbt, Green
1st, 2d, 3dVP

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