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  Roosevelt Dall Boettiger Halsted, Anna Eleanor
NameAnna Eleanor Roosevelt Dall Boettiger Halsted
New York, New York , United States
Born May 03, 1906
DiedDecember 01, 1975 (69 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedThomas Walker
Jan 22, 2008 12:48pm
InfoAnna Eleanor Roosevelt Halsted (May 3, 1906 – December 1, 1975), also Anna Dall and Anna Boettiger in earlier marriages, was the first child of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She was named for her mother and grandmother, Anna Roosevelt and was usually called Anna or Sis.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Jr. was born at 125 E. 36th St. in New York City. Caught in a triad of three strong willed people — her mother, father, and grandmother, the domineering Sara Roosevelt — young Anna Eleanor had to grow up quickly. Anna's father later became the 32nd U.S. president, her mother the famous first lady. After her 1924 graduation from Miss Chapin's school (now the Chapin School), she attended a short course at Cornell University in the forestry school. She was married for the first time, in Hyde Park, New York, in 1926 to stockbroker Curtis Bean Dall. They had two children: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, usually known as "Sisty" on March 25, 1927, and Curtis Roosevelt on April 19, 1930. "Mrs. Dall was divorced from her first husband, Curtis B. Dall, July 30, at Minden, Nev." (Syracuse Herald, Jan 18, 1935, p 11) Six months after her divorce, on Jan 18, 1935, she married 34-year-old journalist (Clarence) John Boettiger. Her second husband had recently resigned from the Chicago Tribune, and signed on with the Will H. Hays organization, the Motion Picture Producers of America. With her second husband, she had a son, John Roosevelt Boettiger on March 30, 1939. They divorced in 1949, and he committed suicide the following year. She married Dr. James Addison Halsted in 1952.

In 1944, at her father's request, Anna moved into the White House to serve as an assistant to the President and as White House hostess during her mother's frequent absences. Anna, who accompanied her father on the trip to Yalta, was a witness to many historic moments, but she also carried the burden of dealing with some of the most intimate and painful decisions of her parents during their dysfunctional marriage.

Anna was active as a writer and journalist, and she served as editor of the woman's page of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for several years. Between 1932 and 1934, Anna was associate editor of a magazine called Babies Just Babies, hosted a radio program sponsored by the Best and Company Department Store, contributed articles to Liberty magazine and wrote two children's books, Scamper and Scamper's Christmas. Anna devoted much of her later life to problems of education and to carrying on many of her mother's interests and philanthropies. She was an active supporter of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

She died of throat cancer at the age of 69, in New York City and is interred at Hyde Park, New York.

Born May 3, 1906, died of cancer December 1, 1975.) Caught in a triad of three strong willed persons--her father FDR; her mother; and her grandmother, the domineering Sara Roosevelt--Anna had to grow up quickly. She would marry three times, have two children and squeeze in a sometimes gutsy but ultimately doomed career as a journalist. Anna, who accompanied her father on the trip to Yalta, was a witness to many historic moments, but she also carried the burden of dealing with some of the most intimate and painful decisions of her parents during their dysfunctional marriage.

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Husband Curtis Dall 00, 1926-Jul 30, 1934
Father Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945
Grandmother Sara Delano Roosevelt 1854-1941
Great-Grandfather Warren Delano Jr. 1809-1898
Grand Aunt Katherine Delano Robbins 1860-1953
1st Cousin Once Removed Warren Delano Robbins 1885-1935
Grand Aunt Katherine Delano Collier 1860-1953
1st Cousin Once Removed Katharine P. St. George 1894-1983
Brother James Roosevelt 1907-1991
Nephew James Roosevelt, Jr. 1945-
Brother Franklin Roosevelt 1909-1909
Brother Elliott Roosevelt 1910-1990
Brother Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. 1914-1988
Brother John Aspinwall Roosevelt 1916-1981
Mother Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962
Grandfather Elliott B. Roosevelt 1860-1894
Great-Grandfather Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. 1831-1878
Grand Aunt Corinna Roosevelt Robinson 1851-1933
1st Cousin Once Removed Theodore Douglas Robinson 1883-1934
1st Cousin Once Removed Corinne R. Alsop 1886-1971
2nd Cousin John Alsop 1915-2000
Grand Uncle Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt 1858-1919
1st Cousin Once Removed Alice Roosevelt Longworth 1884-1980
2nd Cousin Paulina Longworth 1925-1957
1st Cousin Once Removed Theodore Roosevelt III 1887-1944
2nd Cousin Quentin Roosevelt II 1919-1948
1st Cousin Once Removed Kermit Roosevelt 1889-1943
2nd Cousin Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt, Jr. 1916-2000
2nd Cousin Belle Roosevelt Palfrey 1920-1985
1st Cousin Once Removed Ethel Carow Roosevelt Derby 1891-1977
2nd Cousin Sarah Gannett 1920-1999
1st Cousin Once Removed Archibald "Archie" Bulloch Roosevelt 1894-1981
1st Cousin Once Removed Quentin Roosevelt 1897-1918
Uncle Gracie Hall Roosevelt 1891-1941