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  Roosevelt, John Aspinwall
NameJohn Aspinwall Roosevelt
Tuxedo, New York , United States
Born March 13, 1916
DiedApril 27, 1981 (65 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedThomas Walker
Jan 22, 2008 01:05pm
InfoJohn Aspinwall Roosevelt (March 13, 1916 – April 27, 1981) was the 6th and last child of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.

John Aspinwall Roosevelt was born in Washington DC to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt as the youngest child. His siblings were Anna E. Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.. Roosevelt grew up on the Roosevelt estate in Hyde Park, New York and attended school at Groton. Considered by some to be the most stable of the five Roosevelt children, he had two marriages with the first lasting 27 years. In 1952 presidential campaign, he became a Republican as he supported the candidacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

John and his next oldest sibling, Franklin Jr., were much closer to their mother than the three older Roosevelt children had been. This was due in part because by the time they were born, she was more comfortable in her role as a parent.

Also during this time, a serious paralytic illness had struck their father, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when John was five years old. Conscious of her husband's disability and determined that the younger children should not miss out on the sports and physical activities that their older siblings had enjoyed, Eleanor Roosevelt learned to swim and skate. She also took John and Franklin Jr. camping and to Europe. She urged both children to live boldly and self-reliantly.

Educated at Groton and Harvard, John worked at Filene's Department Store in Boston until America entered World War II in 1941. He served in the navy until 1946 and thereafter pursued a business career on the West Coast. In 1952, he became a Republican so he could support Dwight D. Eisenhower's bid for the United States presidency. John's defection from the Democratic Party and his subsequent leadership of Citizens for Eisenhower caused family friction as Eleanor Roosevelt strongly supported the Democratic presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson. The tension was exacerbated when John and his family moved into Stone Cottage next door to Eleanor Roosevelt's home at Val-Kill that same year. He and his brother, Elliott, who lived at nearby Top Cottage, did not get along. Elliott left shortly after John and his family arrived. John subsequently acquired what remained of the Hyde Park property Elliott had farmed with Eleanor Roosevelt. More importantly, the presence of John and his family enabled Eleanor Roosevelt to live at Val-Kill until her death in 1962. She saw John's children often and was particularly close to his daughter Sara "Sally" Roosevelt.

In 1967, John joined Bache and Company. He retired as a vice-president in 1980. His philanthropic activities included serving as a fund raiser with the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which FDR had founded, membership on the executive committee of the Greater New York Council of the Boy Scouts of America and service as a trustee of the State University of New York.

Within three years of ER's death, John divorced and remarried. In 1970, he sold the Val-Kill properties. Thereafter, he and his second wife lived on an estate in Tuxedo, New York. John Roosevelt died at 65 of heart failure in 1981.

His siblings were: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (known as Anna), James Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.

He served with honor in World War II as Lieutenant and received the Bronze Star for his logistics work with a carrier task group in the Pacific.

Roosevelt received his middle name from that of his great-grandmother, Mary Rebecca Aspinwall.

John Aspinwall Roosevelt married Anne Lindsay Clark (1916-1973) on June 18, 1938 in Massachusetts. They had a son, Haven Clark Roosevelt, and three daughters, Anne Sturgis "Nina" Roosevelt (b. 1942), Sara Delano "Sally" Roosevelt (1946-1960) and Joan Lindsay Roosevelt (1952-1997).

In 1960 Sally was killed in a horse riding accident.

In 1965, the couple obtained a divorce. That same year he married Mrs. Irene Boyd McAlpin (born 1931).

Born March 13, 1916 at Hyde Park, NY; died of a heart attack on April 27, 1981.) John lived his life quietly, although a "small" wedding to Boston debutante, Anne Lindsay Clark, drew 30,000 uninvited spectators along the wedding route. John served with distinction in the Navy during World War II and later developed a successful career as a retailer and an investment banker. In later years, the previously non-political John Roosevelt surprisingly chose to support Republican causes, and campaigned openly for Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. He was married twice and had three children.

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Father Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945
Grandmother Sara Delano Roosevelt 1854-1941
Great-Grandfather Warren Delano Jr. 1809-1898
Grand Aunt Katherine Delano Robbins 1860-1953
1st Cousin Once Removed Warren Delano Robbins 1885-1935
Grand Aunt Katherine Delano Collier 1860-1953
1st Cousin Once Removed Katharine P. St. George 1894-1983
Sister Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Dall Boettiger Halsted 1906-1975
Brother James Roosevelt 1907-1991
Nephew James Roosevelt, Jr. 1945-
Brother Franklin Roosevelt 1909-1909
Brother Elliott Roosevelt 1910-1990
Brother Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. 1914-1988
Mother Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962
Grandfather Elliott B. Roosevelt 1860-1894
Great-Grandfather Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. 1831-1878
Grand Aunt Corinna Roosevelt Robinson 1851-1933
1st Cousin Once Removed Theodore Douglas Robinson 1883-1934
1st Cousin Once Removed Corinne R. Alsop 1886-1971
2nd Cousin John Alsop 1915-2000
Grand Uncle Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt 1858-1919
1st Cousin Once Removed Alice Roosevelt Longworth 1884-1980
2nd Cousin Paulina Longworth 1925-1957
1st Cousin Once Removed Theodore Roosevelt III 1887-1944
2nd Cousin Quentin Roosevelt II 1919-1948
1st Cousin Once Removed Kermit Roosevelt 1889-1943
2nd Cousin Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt, Jr. 1916-2000
2nd Cousin Belle Roosevelt Palfrey 1920-1985
1st Cousin Once Removed Ethel Carow Roosevelt Derby 1891-1977
2nd Cousin Sarah Gannett 1920-1999
1st Cousin Once Removed Archibald "Archie" Bulloch Roosevelt 1894-1981
1st Cousin Once Removed Quentin Roosevelt 1897-1918
Uncle Gracie Hall Roosevelt 1891-1941

NY US President - Nov 04, 1952 R Dwight D. Eisenhower