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:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 28, 2016 05:53pm
I am researching who to vote for. Where can I find Mr. Satcher's bio, and what is his stance on what issues?

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 26, 2016 02:39pm


As you may be aware, we are spending more money on prisons than we are on education.

I would like to find out if you are familiar with restorative justice?

What plans do you have to help end mass incarceration?

Thank You.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 26, 2016 01:46pm
Mrs. Purcell is doing a good job..I work as a Poll Worker on Election Days and all runs smoothly.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 25, 2016 05:34pm
One of your ads says you want to increase minimum wage to almost double what it is today, how does that help most text payets? If you double wages you double the price of goods, which I can't afford.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 22, 2016 09:45pm
I don't blame him for running after seeing the success of Trump. If Pence can describe Trump as "not PC" then Duke can say the same about himself.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 22, 2016 04:57pm
There is some amnesia connected to the1981
Detroit Mayoral primary.A young man of Polish
descent survived the 1981Primary, Perry Kozlowski.
Historically he is only a footnote.I have been a
participant in every Mayoral campaign since the
Cavanah surprse of 1961njl


:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 22, 2016 04:40pm
There was a caucasian candate of Polish descentwho survived the 1977 or 1981 mayoral
Primary.Perr y Kozlowski did not campaign
vigorously as Mayor Youngs machine operated on all cylinders in 1981. A good candidate in 73 and 77
was Law Professor John Mogk


:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 22, 2016 10:15am
Hello Makus campaign. I am old and probably losing my mind. I take my right to vote seriously so I am checking out the ballot and all the listed candidates carefully. I've looked at your web page carefully. You seem intelligent and capable. You might be a good elected official some day.

I more often vote Democratic than Republican but not slavishly. This year in particular I consider we are in considerable peril with a demagogic candidate such as Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate.

At the moment, while nothing I have seen about you worries me about you, I would regard voting for you as wasting my vote. My email is stephenkahn@yahoo.com. If you want to change my mind, I will read what you have to say. At the moment I regard you as a serious person and a frivolous candidate for Senate who wants to start at the top and has not paid his dues.

Thank you for reading this.

Stephen Kahn
Whidbey Island Washington

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 21, 2016 10:23am
dude is pro gun but anti weed
go kill someone but dont dare smoke a bowl and watch movie

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 20, 2016 11:17pm
Without Uncle John, I never would have gone to law school and been a Lawyer for more than 35 years9 GMZ

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 20, 2016 06:35pm
Johnson said he made $1.45/hr "minimum wage" 40 some years ago. Make him own it by creating a commercial saying what this $1.45 is today...just sayin'.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 19, 2016 12:01pm
We would like to envite Mr Countryman to a meet and greet session in Fredonia on Tuesday, July 26th at 6 pm at the Catholic Hall in Fredonia

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 19, 2016 10:54am
please refer to my site on Facebook ("Larry Tighe") for extensive details on my entire background.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 18, 2016 07:10pm
I would like to submit information such as a headshot, website, facebook, etc.



:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 18, 2016 01:18pm
Born Bay View Website smdisco.com email fg8557@att.net

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 17, 2016 11:11pm
Please add the following information about Oklahoma Senate District 19 Independent candidate, Whitney Hall, to your site.

Campaign website: [Link] (biography and headshot available)
Facebook: [Link]
Email: hall4oklahoma@gmail.com

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 17, 2016 11:11pm
Mr. Bearden, we do not need you to fight the Republican committee we need you to side with the committee that has voted Donald Trump into the presidential campaign. He has won the popular vote of Republicans be smart and go with Donald Trump for that is who the people want! You will be going against the majority

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 16, 2016 04:54pm
The People's Party Candidate was J. Emory Byram not Bryan

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 12, 2016 12:00pm
Still living? ROFLCOPTER

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 11, 2016 07:57pm
Webster B. Todd, Jr. (born 1938), member of the New Jersey State Assembly in 1968-69, is the son of Webster B. Todd (1899-1989), some of whose details are incorrectly included here.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 09, 2016 10:51pm
As a legal resident of Washington, D. C., Corry Westbrook is not eligible to have her name on a Florida ballot.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 08, 2016 02:29pm
What was Daniel Inouye's first political position.

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 07, 2016 11:13pm
Email- Meet Cynthia@outlook.com

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 07, 2016 10:08pm
Discussion for Bevin Maxey just as a friend, Spokane wa

:0Anonymous ( 0.00 points)July 07, 2016 10:06pm
If you find it hard to read a picture you can always buy a loop. But for me reading a picture is a gift to me.

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