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D:8172La Fayette ( 601.01 points)
February 27, 2022 04:45pm
On the endorsement side, I have to say that I was surprized that Jean-Pierre Chevènement decided to endorse Emmanuel Macron, given their antagonistic positions on the European Union.

On the Marine Le Pen / Eric Zemmour feud, there have been many rumors that Marion Maréchal, Le Pen's niece, might be endorsing Zemmour in the end. So far she has refused to support either of the candidates.


D:8172La Fayette ( 601.01 points)
July 23, 2015 10:11am
The DPP has nominated Tsai-Ing-Wen unanimously, and the KMT has picked up Hung Hsiu-Chu, who was the only candidate ready to face the election and who garnered enough signature to be on the KMT ballot. It is very likely that Taiwan's next president will be a woman.
James Soong who was an unsucessful candidate last time is toying with the idea of making another bid. Shih Ming-Teh, a renowned democratic activist, is also thinking about running for office. I'll add him if he manages to overcome the required running threshold.

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