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  PA Historian
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LocationPlains, Pennsylvania, United States
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Plains Township Commissioners
US President - R Primaries - Aug 11, 2024 R Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr.
US President - D Primaries - Aug 11, 2024 D Tulsi Gabbard
NM Governor - Nov 08, 2022 I Aubrey L. Dunn, Jr.
UT US Senate - Nov 08, 2022 I Evan McMullin
PA Governor - Nov 08, 2022 LBT Joseph P. Soloski
NH US Senate - R Primary - Sep 13, 2022 R Christopher "Chris" Sununu
AK US Senate - All Party Primary - Aug 18, 2022 R Lisa Murkowski
WY At-Large - R Primary - Aug 16, 2022 R Elizabeth "Liz" Cheney
CO Governor - D Primary - Jun 28, 2022 D Jared Polis
LNC Vice Chair - May 31, 2022 LBT Erin K. Adams
LNC Secretary - May 31, 2022 LBT Tyler Smith
PA US Senate - R Primary - May 17, 2022 R Charles W. Dent
PA Governor - R Primary - May 17, 2022 R James F. Cawley
PA US Senate - D Primary - May 17, 2022 D Conor Lamb
PA Lieutenant Governor - D Primary - May 17, 2022 D Mark Pinsley
OH US Senate - R Primary - Mar 15, 2022 R Matthew J. Dolan
Hot Mama of the Year - Jan 03, 2022 I Sophia B. Warren
Luzerne County Council At-Large - Nov 02, 2021 LBT Paul Cwalina
Luzerne County Council At-Large - Nov 02, 2021 LBT Michelle Merino
Luzerne County Council At-Large - Nov 02, 2021 R Gregory S. Wolovich, Jr.



Cleveland Mayor - Primary Dennis J. Kucinich Slight
AL US Senate - R Primary Morris J. "Mo" Brooks Slight
AL US Senate - D Primary Brandaun Dean Slight
TX Attorney General - R Primary George P. Bush Slight
PA Lieutenant Governor - D Primary Brian K. Sims Slight
PA US Senate - D Primary Conor Lamb Slight
AR Governor - R Primary Leslie Rutledge Slight
GA Governor - R Primary Brian Kemp Slight
NY District 12 - D Primary Rana Abdelhamid Slight
MO US Senate - R Primary Eric Schmitt Slight
AK US Senate - All Party Primary Lisa Murkowski Slight
FL US Senate - D Primary Val Demings Slight
RI Governor - D Primary Matthew A. Brown Slight
NH US Senate - R Primary Christopher "Chris" Sununu Slight
US President - R Primaries Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. Slight
US President - D Primaries Tulsi Gabbard Slight
NC US Senate - R Primary Patrick L. "Pat" McCrory Lean
PA Lieutenant Governor - R Primary Richard "Rick" Saccone Lean
PA Governor - R Primary Lou Barletta Lean
PA US Senate - R Primary Jeff Bartos Lean
SAG-AFTRA President X Matthew Modine Slight
CA Governor - Recall Replacement X Larry A. Elder Slight
AB Parliament - Edmonton Strathcona X Heather McPherson Slight
CAN Prime Minister X Erin O'Toole Slight
US Ambassador to Turkey Jeff Flake Slight
Luzerne County Controller Walter L. Griffith Jr. Slight
VA House of Delegates - Popular Vote Democratic Party Control Slight
VA Governor Terry McAuliffe Slight
New York City Council 06 Gale A. Brewer Slight
Buffalo NY Mayor Byron W. Brown Slight
Luzerne County Council At-Large John Lombardo Slight
Chile President Gabriel Borić Slight
French President Emmanuel Macron Slight
LNC Secretary Tyler Smith Slight
MI Governor Republican Primary Winner Slight
PA Governor Republican Primary Winner Slight
PA US Senate Democratic Primary Winner Slight
NM Governor Democratic Primary Winner Slight
UT US Senate Evan McMullin Slight
OH US Senate Republican Primary Winner Slight