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DescriptionThe Federalists, as a rule, were advocates of a strong central government. They were somewhat pessimistic about human nature and believed that the government must resist the passions of the general public. One of the government's prime functions was to maintain order. The Federalists tended to place their faith in the talents of a small governing elite.

Since many Federalists were large landowners, bankers and businessmen, they favored the government's efforts to encourage and protect American industry.

The Federalists were very strong in New England and had large pockets of support in the Middle States.

In foreign affairs the Federalists supported the British, with whom they had strong trade ties, and opposed the French, who at the time were convulsed by the French Revolution.

George Washington would have resented having any party label attached to his name, but he was philosophically aligned with the Federalists. John Adams' administration marked the end of Federalist control of the presidency with Thomas Jefferson's election in 1800 ushering in an era of Democratic-Republicans.

The War of 1812 spelled the end for Federalism as a national force. Some members opposed the War and flirted with secession; Federalism ironically had become a party of states' rights and was largely confined to New England. Rufus King was the last Federalist presidential candidate in 1816.

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11/03/1981 NJ Governor Charles C. Stone, Jr. Lost 0.08% (-49.37%)
11/28/1831 NC House - New Bern Town - Special Election William Gaston Won 50.17% (+0.34%)
04/08/1831 CT Governor Timothy Pitkin Lost 0.84% (-67.91%)
12/13/1830 Boston Mayor Harrison Gray Otis Won 96.68% (+93.37%)
12/14/1829 Boston Mayor Harrison Gray Otis Won 93.79% (+87.59%)
08/13/1829 NC Senate - Mecklenberg County William Davidson Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
01/16/1829 ME US Senate William Abbot Lost 3.11% (-64.60%)
01/14/1829 ME US Senate - Special Election Joseph Dane Lost 0.61% (-53.37%)
12/22/1828 Boston Mayor - 3rd Ballot Harrison Gray Otis Won 65.51% (+37.29%)
12/15/1828 Boston Mayor - 2nd Ballot Josiah Quincy, III Won 48.75% (+22.10%)
12/08/1828 Boston Mayor - 1st Ballot Josiah Quincy, III Won 47.97% (+16.51%)
09/08/1828 ME District 5 - 1st Trial Samuel A. Bradley Lost 2.38% (-47.58%)
09/08/1828 ME District 01 Samuel A. Bradley Lost 5.76% (-60.27%)
08/14/1828 NC St Senate - Mecklenburg County William Davidson Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
12/10/1827 Boston Mayor Josiah Quincy, III Won 83.26% (+70.33%)
12/07/1827 NC House - New Bern Town - Special Election William Gaston Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
12/05/1827 NC Governor William Polk Lost 10.39% (-34.63%)
08/09/1827 NC St Senate - Mecklenburg County William Davidson Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
04/30/1827 VA District 13 John P. Hungerford Lost 20.78% (-55.77%)
04/12/1827 CT Governor Timothy Pitkin Lost 1.19% (-55.52%)