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  Tribal Council
Tribal Council
  Baahaali/Chichiltah/Manuelito/Red Rock/Rock Springs/Tsayatoh  Seth Damon 2 18 +100.00%
  Becenti/Lake Valley/Nahodishgish/Standing Rock/Whiterock/Huerfano/Nageezi/Crownpoint  Mark Freeland 1 18 +0.72%
  Cameron/Coalmine Canyon/Birdsprings/Leupp/Tolani Lake  Thomas Walker, Jr. 1 18 +7.82%
  Chilchinbeto/Dennehotso/Kayenta  Nathaniel Brown 2 18 +12.28%
  Chinle  Eugene Tso 1 18 +5.04%
  Churchrock/Iyanbito/Mariano Lake/Pinedale/Smith Lake/Thoreau  Edmund Yazzie 4 18 +100.00%
  Coppermine/K Aa Bii To/Lechee/Tonalea/Redlake/Bodaway/Gap  Paul Begay 1 18 +15.90%
  Coyote Canyon/Mexican Springs/Naschitti/Tohatchi/Bahastl Ah  Pernell Halona 1 18 +100.00%
  Crystal/Fort Defiance/Red Lake/Sawmill  Wilson C. Stewart, Jr. 1 18 +25.63%
  Dilcon/Indian Wells/Teesto/Whitecone/Greasewood Springs  Elmer P. Begay 2 18 +16.76%
  Hard Rock/Forest Lake/Pinon/Black Mesa/Whippoorwill  Jimmy Yellowhair 1 18 +5.87%
  Jeddito/Cornfields/Ganado/Kinlichee/Steamboat  Vince R. James 1 18 +23.72%
  Klagetoh/Wide Ruins/Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dziil  Raymond Smith, Jr. 2 18 +3.90%
  Littlewater/Pueblo Pintado/Torreon/Whitehorse Lake/Baca/Prewitt/Casamero Lake/Ojo Encino/Counselor  Daniel E. Tso 1 18 +12.72%
  Lukachukai/Round Rock/Tsaile/Wheatfields/Tse Chizhi/Rock Point  Carl Roessel Slater 1 19 +31.27%
  Mexican Water/To Likan/Teecnospos/Aneth/Red Mesa  Charlaine Tso 1 18 +11.14%
  Oak Springs/St. Michaels  Edison J. Wauneka 2 18 +3.11%
  Ramah/Tohajiilee/Alamo  Jamie Henio 1 18 +13.18%
  Shiprock  Eugenia Charles-Newton 1 18 +31.78%
  T Ilstsoh Sikaad/Nenahnezad/Upper Fruitland/Tse Daa Kaan/Newcomb/San Juan  Rickie Nez 1 18 +19.27%
   Tachee/Blue Gap/Many Farms/Nazlini/Tselani/Cottonwood/Low Mountain  Kee Allen Begay, Jr. 4 18 +11.17%
  To Nanees Dizi  Otto Tso 2 18 +100.00%
  Toadlena/Two Grey Hills/Red Valley/Tse Alnaoztii/Sheepsprings/Beclabito/Gadi Ahi/To Koi/Cove  Amber Kanazbah Crotty 2 18 +40.19%
  Tsah Bii Kin/Navajo Mountain/Shonto/Oljato  Herman Daniels, Jr. 1 18 +13.74%

Tribal Council DETAILS
Parents > United States > Reservations > Navaho - Navaho Nation  
Website [Link]
Established 00, 0000
Disbanded Still Active
ContributorThe Oncoming Storm
Last ModifiedThe Oncoming Storm September 14, 2006 02:54pm
Description Governmental Structure:
The elected President and Vice President head the Executive Branch, which is comprised of ten executive departments, identified as “Divisions.” The Divisions provide a broad range of governmental services to Navajo Nation members and other residents of the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo Nation’s inherent right to self-govern is sacred and demonstrated through daily governmental actions. As the governing body of the Navajo Nation, the Navajo Nation Council has the authority to pass laws which govern the Navajo Nation, members of the Navajo Nation, and certain conduct of non-member Indians and non-Indians within the territorial boundaries of the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo Nation central government is composed of three branches headquartered in Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona).

An 88 member popularly-elected Council, with 12 standing committees, serves as the governing body of the Navajo Nation. The Legislative Branch contains various offices and boards, which are administered by the Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council.

The Judicial Branch consists of a system of seven District Courts, seven Family Courts, seven Peacemaker courts, and a Supreme Court.

One hundred and ten local government subdivisions, identified as Chapters, exist throughout Navajoland.

All branches of the Navajo Nation government exercise varied delegated powers and governmental authority in accordance with Navajo statutory, regulatory, and common law.

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