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  Florio, Jim
NameJim Florio
Cherry Hill, New Jersey , United States
Born August 29, 1937 (82 years)
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Jun 28, 2020 08:21pm
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InfoThroughout a career in public service that spans more than thirty years, Jim Florio has led the fight to improve our schools, protect our families from crime and safeguard our environment from polluters. He has served the families of New Jersey tirelessly as Governor, as a United States Congressman and as a member of New Jersey's General Assembly. Now, he wants to take his experience and leadership to Washington to continue his work on behalf of New Jersey in the United States Senate.

Military Service

From his early days in the United States Navy, Jim Florio has been known as a man who values honor, duty and integrity not only in himself, but also in others. He served as an enlisted man for four years of active duty in the U.S. Navy and 18 years in the Active Naval Reserve, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Commander in 1975.


While in the Navy, Jim realized the lifelong importance that education would play in his life. He earned his G.E.D. while serving in the Navy and then went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Trenton State Teachers College under the Korean War GI Bill. Following his graduation from Trenton State, Florio received a prestigious Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and attended graduate school at Columbia University. He worked his way through Rutgers University Law School in Camden as a night watchman at Woodrow Wilson High School.

U.S. Congress

Florio entered public service in 1969, serving three terms in the New Jersey General Assembly. Following his service as an Assemblyman, Florio ran for Congress and from 1974 to 1990, represented the 1st District of New Jersey in the United States House of Representatives.

During his tenure in the U.S. Congress, Florio was a leader in the fight to protect our nation's environment. He authored the "Superfund" law, our nation's primary program for cleaning up hazardous waste sites. As chairman of the House subcommittee that presided over environmental matters, he was involved in the drafting or passage of virtually every major piece of federal environmental legislation. In addition, he wrote the legislation privatizing Conrail and he wrote the Exon-Florio amendment regarding America's international standing on trade matters, as well as the Pinelands Authorization Act.

Governor of New Jersey

From 1990 through 1994, Florio was the Governor of the State of New Jersey. During his tenure, he signed into law the Clean Water Enforcement Act of 1990, one of the strongest environmental laws of its type in the nation. He also signed the Quality Education Act, providing greater equity in New Jersey's school finance system. Florio's landmark welfare reform package of 1992 and his health care cost reduction program serve as models for national legislation.

Florio, however, is probably best known for enacting the nation's toughest assault weapons ban in 1990 – long before any other state in the nation had done so and before gun control was a popular issue. For his efforts and his leadership in standing up against the powerful gun lobby, Florio received the Profile in Courage Award from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in 1993.

Current Activities

Currently, Florio is a partner in the law firm of Fischbein, Badillo, Wagner, Harding in its Newark, New Jersey office. He is a Professor in the department of Public Policy and Administration at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Florio serves on several national public policy boards. Some of those boards include the Federal Home Loan Bank; the Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee (TEPAC) to the U.S. Trade Representative; and the U.S. Secretary of Energy's Advisory Board. Florio also serves on the advisory board of the National Police Defense Foundation.


Jim and his wife, Lucinda, live in Metuchen, New Jersey. He has three adult children, Christopher, Gregory and Cathy and six grandchildren.


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  11/02/1976 NJ District 1 Won 70.10% (+41.18%)
  11/05/1974 NJ District 1 Won 57.50% (+19.01%)
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  11/06/1973 NJ General Assembly 05 Won 35.23% (+2.39%)
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  11/04/1969 NJ Assembly 03-D Won 24.81% (+0.00%)
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