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  Marcellino, Carl L.
NameCarl L. Marcellino
Address30 Cheshire Ave
Syosset, New York , United States
Born December 23, 1942 (78 years)
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Oct 06, 2017 04:13am
InfoSenator Carl Louis Marcellino was elected to represent the Fifth Senate District on March 14, 1995. In December 1995, Senator Marcellino was named Chairman of the New York State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and has since compiled an outstanding record of innovative legislation covering a broad range of issues.

Senator Marcellino's legislative record touches on issues directly impacting residents throughout New York State, and through his position as Environmental Conservation Committee Chairman, environmental legislation continues to be one of Senator Marcellino's highest priorities. Senator Marcellino has an outstanding record of environmental legislative accomplishment including 60 new environmental laws and has received the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters. He has also received numerous environmental awards including being named "Conservationist of the Year," by the Adirondack Council, received the "Honorary Sol Feinstone Environmental Award" from The State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry and, was named The Neighborhood Network's "Environmental Legislator of the Year."

Senator Marcellino has sponsored and passed laws that will: prohibit the sale of pollution credits to Midwestern states that contribute to New York's acid rain problem; ban the use of MTBE in gasoline which had been found to contaminate groundwater; require neighbor notification prior to applying pesticides at homes, schools, and daycare centers; allow localities to adopt restrictions on the use of personal water craft on their waterways; phase out the sale of lead sinkers in New York State and, create a definition of open space that will be protective of water quality in groundwater protection areas. He also introduced the Clean Energy Development Act, or CEDA, which will require investment into energy efficient and clean energy technologies that will reduce pollution and lower customer's utility bills. His past accomplishments include being a prime co-sponsor of the landmark Pesticide Registry legislation and the prime sponsor of the Clean Air/Clean Water Bond Act, as well as sponsoring other bills providing for increased wetland protection, the creation of an important bird area program, Natural Heritage Areas, tax credits for alternative fuel vehicles, net electric metering to encourage solar power usage, and emissions testing for heavy duty diesel vehicles.

Senator Marcellino continues to champion the cause of organ donation, passing a bill that will allow a person to indicate on a health care proxy their desire to make an organ donation, and sponsoring legislation creating a statewide organ donor registry to help counsel family members as to a loved one's wishes regarding organ, tissue, and eye donation.

The Senator has introduced and passed a number of bills that combat the problems of smoking, especially seeking to keep cigarettes out of the hands of children. He passed bills that prohibit the sale of herbal cigarettes to minors and make it harder for vendors to obtain a new license if they have previously had their license to sell cigarettes revoked because of selling to minors. He also sponsored bills to outlaw the use of an educational ID as proof of age to buy tobacco and to require HMOs to cover the costs of smoking cessation products. He has also sponsored sweeping reforms in day care safety.

Some of Senator Marcellino's other bills and laws include: the "Video Peeping Tom Bill" which would make it a crime to use video devices to spy on other people; the Unpaid Wages Prohibition Act, the strongest labor measure to be enacted in many years, granting important rights to workers and protecting legitimate business people; the disability registry which provides vital information to aid in rescues and evacuations; the Tier 1 reinstatement bill correcting a long standing inequity in retirement benefits for teachers; and, the permanent COLA bill, granting retirees from state service annual cost-of-living adjustments. The Senator's membership on committees such as Education, Labor and Consumer Protection gives him additional insight into problems and issues that affect the lives of individual residents. Senator Marcellino worked tirelessly to see that his legislation banning the use of hand held cell phones while driving in New York State became the first law of its kind in the country. As a Senator he continues to be ahead of the curve and in this past legislative session introduced the "Toxic Mold Protection Act." He is always working to ensure a high quality of life for his entire district, and all of New York State.

In addition to his legislative agenda, Senator Marcellino has been instrumental in implementing important environmental benefits for his Senate District. Obtaining state funding to purchase and make accessible five acres of waterfront property in the Town of Oyster Bay, the designation of Huntington and Lloyd Harbors as no-discharge zones, and preserving 300 acres of land at SUNY Old Westbury were all Marcellino initiatives. Senator Marcellino has also held public hearings in Huntington and Oyster Bay on issues of local concern such as tidal surges resulting from storms and hurricanes, petroleum spills from underground tanks, fluid leaks from Long Island Sound electric cables, and toxic mold.

Senator Marcellino was born on December 23, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York and attended public schools in Queens. He earned both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees from New York University and a Professional Diploma in Administration and Supervision from St. Johns University.

After a 20 year career as a science teacher and administrator in the New York City School system, Senator Marcellino was elected as the Oyster Bay Town Clerk, a position he held until his Senate election.

Senator Marcellino is Chairman of the Oyster Bay Western Waterfront Committee, founding member of the State Advisory Board of the National Environmental Policy Institute, and past Co-Chairman of the Council of State Governments/Eastern Regional Conference. He is also a member of the Hicksville, Oyster Bay and Syosset Hamlet Planning Committees.

Senator Marcellino has a well deserved reputation for community service. A former member of the Syosset School Board, he is a past president of the Syosset/Woodbury Rotary Club, a member of the Community Advisory Board of the Syosset Counseling Center, a member of the Oyster Bay Rotary Club, a member of both the Huntington Township and Syosset Chamber of Commerce, an Honorary Director of the Syosset Senior Day Care Center, Inc., an Advisory Board Member of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, and a Trustee of the Giuseppe Verdi Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America. He is an honorary board member of the Friends of Sagamore Hill and an honorary board member of the Association for the Help of Retarded Children, a member of the Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine Resource Committee and Save our Seashore Inc.. Senator Marcellino is a former Commissioner of the Oyster Bay Housing Authority and the former Vice-Chairman of the Town of Oyster Bay Environmental Control Commission's Citizen Advisory Committee.


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