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  Haddock, Doris "Granny D"
NameDoris "Granny D" Haddock
Dublin, New Hampshire , United States
Born January 24, 1910
DiedMarch 09, 2010 (100 years)
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Feb 28, 2013 11:03pm
Tags Caucasian - Very Liberal - Anti-Bush Tax Cuts (Pro-Tax Cut Rollback) - Anti-Social Security Privatization - Government Reform - Health Care Reform - Pro Environment - Pro Marijuana Legalization - Pro-Choice - Pro-Gay Marriage - Protectionist - Widowed -
InfoBorn Doris Rollins: Jan. 24, 1910 in Laconia, New Hampshire USA

Widow, two grown children. Sixteen great grandchildren.

Attended Emerson College in Boston for 3 years. Left upon marriage to James Haddock, an Amherst graduate. Emerson awarded her an honorary degree in 2000.

With her husband, Jim, she helped stop the planned atmospheric testing of hydrogen bombs in Alaska in 1960, saving a fishing village at Point Hope.

After the defeat of Senator McCain and Senator Feingold's first attempt to remove unregulated "soft" money from campaigns in 1995, she became interested in campaign reform and led a petition movement.

In 1998 she decided to walk across the U.S. to demonstrate her concern for the issue of campaign reform.

She walked around her hometown of Dublin, New Hampshire for most of 1998 to get in shape for the walk.

On Jan. 1, 1999, at the age of 89, she began her walk in Pasadena, California. She walked 10 miles per day for 14 months, arriving in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 29, 2000. She was hospitalized once, in Arizona, with dehydration and pneumonia. She walked 3,200 miles.

Her route: Pasadena to Twentynine Palms CA, Parker AZ, Wickenburg, Phoenix, Tucson, Tombstone, Lordsburg NM, Las Cruces, El Paso TX, Midland, Dallas, Texarkana AK, Little Rock, Memphis TN, Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Parkersburg WV, Morgantown, Cumberland MD, Washington, D.C. Her hardest miles were climbing the Appalachian Range during blizzard conditions.

She made speeches along her walk, and made an effort to draw reform groups together. When she arrived in Washington, she was met by 2,200 people, representing a wide variety of reform groups. Several dozen Members of Congress walked the final miles with her.

Pro-reform Capitol Hill staffers and elected officials credit her with demonstrating that Americans care about campaign finance reform. She connected the issue with patriotic values in a way that provided wider popular support for reform. She was instrumental in moving the issue forward. When presidential candidate Al Gore adopted a campaign finance reform plank, his speech credited John McCain, Bill Bradley, and Doris Haddock.

During the 2001 McCain-Feingold debate, she walked continuously around the Capitol building for seven days. During the final three days of debate, she walked 24 hours a day, stopping only for catnaps and food. This was done in subfreezing winds and rain. She met with 35 senators during this vigil, representing to them the feelings of the people she met along the road.

She is five-feet tall. She wore out four sets of shoes on her long walk. When snows between Cumberland, Maryland and Washington threatened to delay her arrival in February of 2000, she cross-country skied 100 miles along the old C&O Canal tow path. She has emphysema and arthritis, both of which improved during the walk.

In October of 2003, she launched a voter registration effort directed at America's working women. She began with a speech at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.


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Mar 09, 2010 11:00pm News Activist "Granny D" Dies At 100  Article IndyGeorgia 
Jan 24, 2010 09:05am News NH campaign finance activist "Granny D" turns 100  Article Homegrown Democrat 
Feb 08, 2005 12:00am News Granny D Hospitalized For Throat Surgery  Article Servo 
Aug 12, 2004 12:00am Profile 'Granny D' runs for Senate in New Hampshire  Article Monsieur 

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  09/14/2004 NH US Senate - R Primary Lost 0.22% (-91.37%)
  09/14/2004 NH US Senate - D Primary Won 98.04% (+96.88%)
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