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  McCorkle, Isaac "Ike"
NameIsaac "Ike" McCorkle
Parker, Colorado , United States
Born Unknown
Last ModifedBrentinCO
Jun 11, 2019 05:57pm
Tags U.S. Marine Corps -
InfoI am Isaac "Ike" McCorkle. I live in Parker Colorado. I am a combat wounded, retired Marine Corps Officer, single father of three, and I have three kids in Douglas County schools: Isaac Jr. (12), Danica (10), and Allen (7). I served 18 years in the Marines. I have deployed six times, four of which were combat tours. I was injured in combat operations by a hand grenade & RPG in May 2005, and in a HMMWV vehicle rollover in June 2005. I have a paralyzed vocal cord, a fused Cervical-Thoracic Spine, and an mTBI. Over the past year I trained my one working vocal cord, so that I could speak with you now. I was an enlisted Marine for 12 years, served as a special operator in Marine Force Recon and attained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. I finished my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Colorado Boulder while on active duty and was commissioned an officer in 2009. In 2010, I returned to the Infantry and trained as a logistics Officer. I primarily worked in the Marine Corps Infantry, Force Reconnaissance, and Irregular Warfare Units. I am currently a stay at home dad and am medically retired due to combat injuries.

My son Isaac Jr. was born in Newport RI right next to the Naval War College in 2006, he is in seventh grade, loves gaming, reading, and Nintendo switch. My daughter Danica is 10 and was born in Loveland, CO 2009. Danica loves art, riding bikes, and yoga. My son Allen was born at Naval Medical Center Balboa in San Diego in 2011. Allen loves the Flash, running, swimming, and rock climbing. The whole family likes to go on walks together and do outdoor activities like camping, playing at parks, and hiking trails. I am the kids primary care giver. It is our task to ensure that we set the conditions that will lead to a prosperous, sustainable environment and democracy for our kids future. We must set the conditions that will yield a cleaner sustainable energy production sector, a more representative electoral process, and a more equitable future democracy.

I was raised by a single mom in rural Washington State, Texas, and Alabama, living in a trailer park. We were on welfare, food stamps, government cheese, and free meals at school when I was young. Because of those government programs, my mother was able to finish her college degree in nursing. She then earned her commission as an officer and served in the Air Force and Army Nurse Corps. That changed our lives for the better. My mom was an avid camper as were my uncles and grandfather who took me out camping in the British Columbian Canadian back country. I developed a very close bond to nature, animals, and the planet. I was able to observe and was taught by my mother, eventually an Army Major, and my grandfather Alfred, a West Pointer, logger, WWII veteran, a forestry major, and a populist FDR type Democrat. I imagined Charles Darwin's observations, as I made my own. I learned that we are not just connected to nature but are dependent upon nature and that our actions and activities change the environment around us. I saw the Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State and Oregon and learned about the 1000' historical ice age floods that had created the awesome landscape.

In my life I have climbed mountains, hiked North African desserts and the North American great divide, the Grand Canyon, the Presidential Mountains, the Alps in Slovenia and Italy, the Cascades, the Sierra Nevada, the Applications, the Costal Ranges, the Rockies, the Sand Dunes, Glacier, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Australia, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Spain, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Alaska, the pacific islands, Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, East Timor, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Sardinia, Porto Rico, Panama, etc. I'm sure I left some out, lol. My travels have given me an appreciation for all that we have here in the United States. Our responsibility is to ensure that our children and grandchildren are set up for success. We have domestic, political, international, and geopolitical norms that must be codified into law. We must set our democracy on a path towards regaining its position as the world's number one economy. We must set the legislative conditions, work across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion. We must use taxation incentivization and subsidization in order to procure private and married government investment in our systems in order to maintain our technological and military hegemony through middle century.

Growing up as a military brat, I saw sea shells in the canyons, caves, and dry creek beds of southern Texas. These observational periods of my life combined with the education I received at CU Boulder has provided me with perspective. I have seen and been on every continent but Antarctica. Traveled extensively observing Glacier disintegration at the Matterhorn in Switzerland and at the Portage Glacier in Alaska. The rate of extinction on Earth has already accelerated by 40% since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

As the son of a single mom and Army Major, as a US Marine, I learned that integrity is our greatest quality. Because integrity and honesty allow for the establishment of trust, cementing the foundation of our elected government. No one can depend or rely upon a liar. I am a stay at home dad and a Combat Wounded retired United States Marine Corps Officer. It is our responsibility to set the legislative conditions necessary to leave our kids with a flourishing and prosperous hegemonic democratic republic!



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  06/30/2020 CO District 04 - D Primary ???
C00697334 MCCORKLE FOR COLORADO $ 294.52