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  Addams, Calpernia
NameCalpernia Addams
Hollywood, California , United States
Born Unknown
Last ModifedCOSDem
Oct 23, 2003 05:53pm
InfoBorn in Nashville, TN, Calpernia was a child of the Eighties. She has been entertaining since she can remember. Educated in the Schwartz-Metterklume method, she won medals for obedience, punctuality and good conduct at an early age. She began playing Bluegrass gospel on the fiddle with her family in church, progressing to plays and community theater until she became a nationally known showgirl and eventually started her own production company with Andrea James of TSroadmap.com fame and moved to Hollywood. Calpernia has written her first book, an autobiography, drawn countless comics, written various films, songs, poems and short stories, and generally maintained a steady creative output every day of her life.
Somewhere in the middle of all that, she spent four years as a field medical combat specialist (HM 8404) in the Navy and Marines, one of the elite combat-trained "Devil Docs" during the war. She served in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm/Shield, lived on Adak Island in the Aleutians and received notice from Congress as part of a group who assisted a downed Chinese airliner on the island of Shemya.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calpernia:

1. What are your vital statistics:

Height: 5'10
Weight: Trim 'n shapely!
Hair: Dark brown, usually dyed burgundy. "Dyed" is such an industrial word, isn't it?
Eyes: Green

2. What are your favorite things:

Chocolate - I actually like regular kinds like Hershey's more so than some crazy Euro-Choc. Godiva is nice for the frou-frou-ness of it all.
Reading - My favorite authors are: Flannery O'Connor, Eudora Welty, Dorothy Parker, H.H. Munro (Saki), Anne Rice (only the 1st few books... the rest were kinda 'potboiler-ish'), Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Julian May (The Golden Torc series was so cool! GEEEK!), Emily Dickinson, et hoc genus omne...
Kate Bush - I love that woman. Her music is challenging for those numbed by the pablum-pop world of today, but she is a genius and a great talent (despite her last two albums...) Don't forget Katemas, July 30!
Computers - I am such a GEEK! I was programming in machine language on my Commodore 64 and writing games in basic whilst other kiddies were doing boring things like having friends and going to parties. Poke & Peek 4 ever! I love working on my computers, networking them all together, making them do things... I use them to write my books, make my remixes, make FARK photoshops, keep in touch... Ok, anyway...
Are you still reading this? Wow...

3. What are your hobbies? Hiking & Camping - You can't grow up in Tennessee without enjoying a little nature! I had my own pack and supplies for years... Oh, and there was that whole thing with the Marines...
Dancing - I started out competing in folk dance as a teen (against my mother's wishes!) and ended up years later being a showgirl. Through it all I never really knew what I was doing, but somehow it developed into a decently entertaining series of movements timed to music. I really enjoy dancing, it makes me feel like a supermodel.

4. How have your parents/family reacted to your change and the public events in your life? My parents love me very much and we talk on the phone occasionally. If you've read my book, you'll know the backstory, but it's safe to say that they strongly disagree with my life since about 1985. My brother and sister are completey supportive.

5. What do you do now? I live and work in Hollywood, CA with my business partner Andrea James. We run Deep Stealth Productions, Inc., our media production company, and I spend my extra time writing and continuing my education as an actress.

6. What effect has "Soldier's Girl" (the movie) had on your life? The tragic events of 1999 and their aftermath have certainly changed my life forever in a million ways, as well as the lives of everyone involved. One result of those events, the movie "Soldier's Girl", has been a unique opportunity for me to look back at some beautiful moments and some horrible ones, and helped put things into a more understandable perspective in some ways. The movie has allowed me to meet many new friends and inspirations, and has provided me an opportunity to give my opinion on many issues important to me. It has not been the financially oriented enterprise that some have suggested - I offered to work on the movie for absolutely no money, but Showtime was kind enough to help me out in a small way despite this offer. Beyond that, the experience has been purely an emotional and mental one.

7. I have questions about "Soldier's Girl" (the movie)... Check out my Soldier's Girl page

8. What about Barry Winchell's family and you? (See Soldier's Girl page for more info) Since the first days after the tragedy I have been in contact with Pat and Wally through mail and phone, and we have met on several occasions. Barry's mother is a very courageous and supportive woman, and his stepfather Wally is incredibly strong and open. I have been lucky to have their kindness and support, as it would have been easy for them to react in other ways.


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