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  New Alliance
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Last EditedPaul - September 11, 2012 07:08pm
DescriptionThe New Alliance Party (in Spanish language Partido Nueva Alianza or PNA) is one of the political parties of Mexico of most recent creation.

Its creation was proposed by the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE, "National Union of Education Workers"), the largest union in Latin America, lead by Elba Esther Gordillo, the controversial former general secretary of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

The New Alliance Party was created on January 30, 2005 after three years that the SNTE created the Asociación Ciudadana del Magisterio (ACM, "Citizen Association of Teachers"), a political group recognized by the Federal Electoral Institute since August 2002. The creation of this party by the SNTE, a group that has traditionally supported the PRI in every election caused accusations of treason for Gordillo.

The party's president is Miguel Ángel Jiménez Godínez, leader of the ACM. On January 8, 2006 the PNA elected Roberto Campa Cifrián as its candidate to president of Mexico for the 2006 general elections.

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07/07/2013 Fresnillo Mayor Francisco Javier Guerrero Gurrola Lost 0.86% (-46.30%)
07/07/2013 Zacatecas Mayor Rogelio Lara Alvarado Lost 1.77% (-33.78%)
07/07/2013 Aguascalientes Mayor Arturo Fernández Estrada Lost 5.16% (-35.22%)
07/07/2013 Playas de Rosarito Mayor Silvano Abarca Macklis Won 55.80% (+15.78%)
12/03/2012 MEX Chamber of Deputies - Seat Distribution New Alliance Lost 2.00% (-40.60%)
10/02/2012 MEX Chamber of Senators - Seat Distribution New Alliance Lost 0.78% (-41.41%)
09/04/2012 MEX Chamber of Deputies - Seat Distribution New Alliance Lost 2.00% (-40.40%)
09/04/2012 MEX Chamber of Senators - Seat Distribution New Alliance Lost 0.78% (-39.84%)
07/01/2012 MEX Chamber of Deputies - Proportional At-Large Seat José Angelino Caamal Mena Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
07/01/2012 MEX Chamber of Deputies - Proportional At-Large Seat Dora María Talamante Lemas Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Alvaro Obregon Borough Mayor Teodoro Mario Alonso Paniagua Lost 2.34% (-47.54%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Cuajimalpa Borough Mayor Carlos Cobo Moscardo Lost 1.78% (-35.15%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Magdalena Contreras Borough Mayor Susana Haydee Landeros Cortés Lost 2.17% (-48.74%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Venustiano Carranza Borough Mayor Noé Flores Rojas Lost 2.36% (-58.80%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Xochimilco Borough Mayor Rosa María Miranda Méndez Lost 3.04% (-54.00%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Tlahuac Borough Mayor Jorge Cervantes Miranda Lost 5.40% (-44.02%)
07/01/2012 MEX Chamber of Deputies - Baja California District 5 Lizbeth Pérez Ventura Lost 3.78% (-29.73%)
07/01/2012 MEX Senate - Proportional Representation Vote New Alliance Lost 3.69% (-27.48%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Azcapotzalco Borough Mayor Ariadna Álvarez González Lost 2.97% (-47.08%)
07/01/2012 MEX Federal District - Gustavo A. Madero Borough Mayor Linda Amanda Obregón Bravo Lost 2.62% (-56.01%)