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  How do I get points?
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Answer You win or lose points by predicting race outcomes correctly or incorrectly. There are two types of predictions you can make:

Leaning Predictions

The current calculation for each leaning race prediction is:
WinStep is set to the margin of the win 1=slight to 4=safe

WPts=(30/((Margin)+.95))*(1+(((Number of Members Predicting Against)+.001)/(Sum of Prediction Leaning Calls))*2)
LPts=((Margin)/5)*(((Number of Members Predicting Against)+.001)/(Sum of Prediction Leaning Calls))*4+20

If winner: Pts=(WPts)/(abs((WinStep)-1)*.5+1)*(((WinStep)==(PredictLevel))*.25+(PredictLevel))/(((WinStep)==4)*10+1)
If loser: Pts=-((LPts)*((WinStep)+(PredictLevel-1))/4)

Percentile Predictions

The current calculation for each candidate score predicted is:
(1+([Vote Percentage]*0.075))-(abs([Predicted Percentage]-[Vote Percentage])/1.5)

You must have access to be able to make predictions, and this access is generally given after a small amount of contribution to the discussion areas.

Calculations for predictions currently have to be run manually periodically. If you do not receive points immediately after a race, it is because a recalc has not been run.
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