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I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
May 08, 2022 02:10pm
I wager that the incoming Bong Bong/Sara Duterte administration will be seen as a liberal-democratic beacon in South-east Asia and remain popular enough to take a second term. Certainly an improvement by an extra-wide margin over the agita of the last few years, forever remembered ignobly by the 'back-alley' biker-killers Rodrigo set loose in Manila.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
April 16, 2019 07:36pm
This territory, long ignored, out of sight and out of mind, may heave up from obscurity soon, if only because the political havoc affecting neighbor and SADR-backer, Algeria, has twisted her head to her navel.

The SADR control a third of this land, you see, and its only true ally and financial backer has been the team behind Algeria's 'system', now under siege.

A nation close to ruin and penniless, stewing under super high unemployment and even higher discontent - sweating the heat of Arab Spring II....the outcome in Algeria can't be good.

Whomever or whatever oligarchy takes command of El Mouradia Palace this year will be forced to submerge and cower for decades. One immediate act of future Algeria will be to relieve herself of foreign obligation, expense and adventure (bye bye SADR).

Morocco's been itching to annex/administer/organize (name a word to camouflage true intent) what it doesn't already control in Western Sahara. Now's the time to fulfill a heartfelt desire. Countdown to launch has begun.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
October 26, 2018 12:29pm
Connecticut is in horrific shape. A GDP crashing 9.3% since 2007 (-0.5% on average EVERY year that Malloy was in charge). A never-ending, unusually massive outflow of capital and people yearly. An infrastructure pot-holed and pock-marked. A skyrocketing poverty rate. Income and corporate tax rates (once zero until 1991) the highest the state's ever seen (the single highest corporate tax in region at 8.25%). Hartford, once the insurance capital of the world, rife with big league banks and brokerages, now bankrupt.

Intensely unpopular, outgoing governor Malloy, arguably the worst governor in US history.

This state is set and ripe for a surprise this November

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
October 18, 2018 09:10am
My take with just two weeks to go.

Arizona and Nevada "where things aren't going entirely to plan" (see Nate Silver/538 today [Link] ) stays on red. Two-year rep Jackie (a Reid-machine prop-up not ready for prime time, it'll be discussed in retrospect), can't topple an ambling monolith like Heller. Sinema, my dream candidate, my dream girl, broke my heart, with nasty bits of her past eking out. You can't survive a contest damning the people, the state, you hope to represent. "Beto takes Texas" was always a pipe dream headline. Tennessee was never a question. Silly to think of it. Nelson swivels back to face the abyss, despite less than a 2-week hopeful poke above the clouds. Heitkamp's already out to pasture. McCaskill was doomed from the start.

RCP now sees this as a 3-seat GOP pick-up [Link] but I see it as four: add Indiana. Donnelly has a 4-pt lead, you say? I say, notorious Indiana polling (remember how we all expected a Senator Bayh to breeze right into 2016, and a
Gov. Holcomb to lose by double digits, even to the end?).

My question now: Hither Tester? No polls post-Kavanaugh. Trump rallying (again) in MT [Link] Much anticipation, waiting for that next shoe to drop.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
September 10, 2018 10:23am
An upward poll-trend benefiting McSally after an (obscenely long) tumble through a mare's nest of a primary was expected and obvious.

Sinema's painless, untroubled climb has reached a summit, and the look-down is ominous. There's not much more you can hit McSally with that hasn't already appeared during her trial-by-fire of a primary. You CAN however expect a flow of mud to submerge a pristine Sinema to her shoulders, coming soon.

There's just 57 days to go - not enough time to thwart McSally's more-or-less sylvan path to Washington.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
August 14, 2018 08:47am
I'd say Ellison's had it [Link] Even if by some preternatural event he prevails, an Attorney General dogged by domestic assault accusations (!?!) will be forced out under a proverbial yoke of spears, a la Eric T. Schneiderman.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
July 10, 2018 01:05pm
My prediction: Les Bleus sends Les Diables Rouges back to hell with a 3 to 1 massacre.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
March 07, 2018 12:06pm
George P. Bush did far better than many expected, winning the primary outright. I think he's being groomed for Gov. Abbott's position in the near future, in a similar way his grandfather did for his uncle.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
August 16, 2017 10:54am
Moore on a perch now. I predict Strange will supplant Moore in the end. The 'establishment' will get their man.

I:9626Bojicat ( 470.21 points)
August 09, 2017 09:09am
This endorsement [Link] clinches it for Strange.

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