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   from An_62190
Screen NameAn_62190   
NameA. N.
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D:1989RBH ( 4773.65 points)
June 21, 2020 07:00pm

D:1RP ( 5455.56 points)
January 03, 2019 06:17pm
Making the rounds on the right-wing sites:


R:194Scott³ ( 8758.26 points)
January 07, 2018 09:55am
Of course, with the exception of The Hill (reporting his denial of the incident) [Link]

And the Post (reporting it deep in an article about the allegations against Trump) [Link]

.... no other MSM news organization reported on it. And liberals scoff at the idea of the legacy media being biased. I doubt the “paper of record” even mentioned it in a blurb one time.

R:194Scott³ ( 8758.26 points)
January 07, 2018 09:48am
Sadly, Democratic Senators Carper and Sherrod Brown can now form a wife-beating caucus in the Senate.

Tom Carper Admitted to Hitting His Wife in 1998 Interview

Dem Sen. Carper Admits to Slapping Ex-Wife 37 Years Ago

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