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D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
November 20, 2019 03:57pm
Uh. Okay....

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
October 28, 2019 11:32am
Can dish it out but can't take it?

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
October 16, 2019 12:46pm

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
September 26, 2019 12:51pm
"The nice Italian man was merely saying he hoped nothing bad happened to your family. It wasn't an explicit threat."

I:1038PA Indy ( 863.67 points)
September 26, 2019 11:46am
So, I'm not quite sure what people were expecting. The memo isn't a Nixon tape, no. But the memo does show that Trump encourages the President of Ukraine to look into Biden's son and Trump's theory that Joe Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired to stop an investigation. At the same time, he draws in the AG and his personal attorney into this. And President Trump has admitted as much. If you were expecting an explicit quid pro quo, you watch too many movies. This is worth investigation.

And the line between investigation/oversight and impeachment is negligible. There's no need for the Speaker to say there's now an inquiry, the House doesn't have to authorize one, any member can offer an impeachment resolution at any time. I don't care what it's called by the legislative branch, but that branch does have a duty to protect against an executive that has grown accustomed to crossing lines. Though, I'm sure even if the memo had had that explicit line some were expecting, certain people still would say it's a nothing burger.

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
September 25, 2019 10:55pm
Who thinks Tulsi endorses Trump after she and Bernie drop out of the Presidential race?

D:10313The Hunt-isto ( 13.50 points)
August 19, 2019 11:58am
RIP Governor Blanco.

R:9757BrentinCO ( 1710.10 points)
August 18, 2019 06:15pm
Labour Dem: I want to get started, but needed to ask a question. How do I create the offices under the county government category? Like District Attorney, Assessor, etc.

Here's my advice on how to get started with a few tips / tricks to make it go easier. I'll use Bent County, Colorado as example [Link]

1. Create containers for the offices with the correct categories.

When I started none of the offices existed. The county container had cities and that's about it, so I needed to create containers for each office.

A. On the left hand side underneath the cities on the county page there is a link labeled Add New Subcategory To Bent (There will be a link like this in every container in the same relative location). A new page will open up titled "ADD NEW CONTAINER Country"

B. Select the right category - in my case I scrolled down in the drop down list to select County Government (This seems to be what most people are selecting for the executive elected positions in each county)

The other trick here is to try to use existing categories rather than create new ones. For example, use "County Government" rather than create a new category named "Bent County Government". The latter would be too specific for a container category.

C. In the name box I entered in the title of the office - Assessor.

D. I hit save to create the container for the County Assessor.

E. To navigate back to the county page, I went to the top of the page and clicked the Bent link on the parents line just above the category. (This is more of a tip, as this is a quicker way to get back to the county and reduces the number of clicks to get back to county. This will come in handy if you do are doing lots of entry.)

F. Repeat A - E for each office.

2. Create containers for another category of offices like the legislative body.

A. On the left hand side underneath the cities, use the link labeled Add New Subcategory To Bent - ADD NEW CONTAINER Country will open.

B. Select the right category - in my case I scrolled down in the drop down list to select County Commission (This was most close to Board of County Commissioners. Again try to re-use whats in there before creating a new category. Looks like there are containers for County Council, County Board. Find a county that is similar to the one you are creating and model yours after it)

C. In the name box I entered in the title of the office and district - Board of Commissioners District 1. (All Colorado Counties have 3 or more County Commissioners elected by Districts. You might have some At-large county legislators, so you might need to create containers for them.)

D. I hit save to create the container for the Board of Commissioners District 1.

E. To navigate back to the county page, I went to the top of the page and clicked the Bent link on the parents line just above the category.

F. Repeat A - E for each legislator.

3. Go back and add the races

A. Just as easy as clicking on the containers you created and going to the page for the office.

B. Add Race.

C. Repeat for each new container.

Other tips
I find that I'm prone to make some errors when I'm entering in lots of races. I reccomend taking the step doing a Data Quality check before leaving the County. My Data Quality Checklist is something like this.
- Make Sure office type and race in sync (Sheriff is correct for the race Bent County - Sheriff. When you go quickly sometimes you might accidentally re-use the last office that was in the add race since this is the default.)
- Check Poll open and Poll close dates and times.
- Check Term Start and End Dates
- Did I check a winner?
- Precincts - For this I usually put 1 and 1 if I don't the specifics.
- Did I check the certified results box (I check this for historical races since that is generally assumed to be true).
- Did I cite my source.

Hope all this helps.

D:9602Old Dominion Democrat ( 1310.11 points)
February 05, 2019 03:09pm
Very little of this money is from Maine, which is not a fact that can be readily ignored. If large sums of cash guaranteed wins then Senators Heitkamp and O'Rourke would be sitting on the floor of the House tonight listening to the SOTU.

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
November 13, 2018 03:21pm
Yes, I agree that Poliquin is trying to engage in voter fraud.

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
October 06, 2018 09:17am
Hey, Sarah, you know that's a 6 year term and you couldn't even complete a 4 year one, quitting after 2.

Are you sure your kids won't be back in jail then?

I:1038PA Indy ( 863.67 points)
June 28, 2018 09:57pm
Hikikomori Blitzkrieg!: It's essentially an objective fact that during the campaign, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made remarks
with a racial content (regarding Crowley's racial identity, that is)
which would've resulted in any White person being likened to David Duke.
But she said them about White people, so it's cool.

Essentially objective?

And cry me a river white folk. You lose a little relative power and suddenly racism is a problem that you all notice. Give me a break.

I:6738IndyGeorgia ( 2221.41 points)
April 23, 2018 08:22pm
Happy Birthday!

D:1RP ( 4505.54 points)
April 05, 2018 07:09am
BrentinCO: Green County REALLY wants to get rid of State Treasurer.

They're just jealous.

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