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May 14, 2021 02:10pm
An Economist/YouGov poll this month found that 71 percent of Republicans under 45 favored more government spending to create jobs, even if it required higher taxes. Among Republicans over 45, the numbers were almost perfectly reversed: 74 percent favored prioritizing lower taxes. The split between older voters who came of age under Ronald Reagan and younger voters defined by Trump reflects two different lived experiences as to what conservatism means. - [Link]

Un:9757BrentinCO ( 3579.92 points)
July 13, 2020 02:40pm
The one thing that is impressive about OANN polls is they are accurately taking out the 20% mail fraud from their polls. Perhaps other pollster will take note.

PFP:10105katstroud0@gmail.com ( 0.00 points)
August 29, 2018 10:25am
The main focus is making sure there can be full access for both children and adults to learn. Especially the ability to grow development skills within a hobby teaching many fundamentals. It's never too late to learn these things. This will help provide better outcomes and a more positive community. Not just community; but globally. If we can provide positive change then others will lead positively.

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