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   from Jason
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I:9951E Pluribus Unum ( -290.81 points)
December 11, 2020 03:04pm
It's anti-Trans tho

There isn't a "DEBATE", the fact of the matter is a majority of this is people who are just uncomfortable with Trans People being involved and a majority of their big "points" have been debunked. [Link]

Especially given the wishy washy language given by everyone who's in opposition, So every Trans Woman gets excluded: So a woman who has transitioned 10 years ago gets barred from being an athlete cuz she's not "biologically male". Lets do the same thing 4 changing rooms and bathrooms, nothing will go wrong at all. A lot of folks use a Boxing example despite the fact that they use weight categories and such

The fact this is all clearly anti-trans is exemplified by the fact it is made out to be this HUGE issue, when literally nobody should give a **** at all and this has no actual barring at all. A Trans-Woman becomes a good runner and gets to be the gold medalist, so?

I:9775Natalie ( 155.92 points)
September 21, 2018 09:20pm
BLUEDOGS: Campaign Rally for Hawley with POTUS Trump as the headliner.


D:10124BLUEDOGS ( 106.31 points)
September 07, 2018 01:28pm
Anti-Vaxxer ? What kind of shtick is that ?

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