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November 30, 2021 03:38pm
But truthfully, one of the reasons they keep Truman off the ballot was believe it or not.....the fear Dewey could win Alabama and this is also why Harry Byrd kept Truman in Virginia, they held a convention, opposition was expressed to Truman, but then Byrd's own operatives made sure Truman remained nominee in Virginia as he did not want Dewey as President.

Prior to FDR the GOP nominee usually could count on up to a third in Alabama, it was more really other than the Woodrow Wilson years and they feared a Dewey win in the low to mid 30s, Dewey actually might have had more votes percentagewise than he got here, as the outright Democratic split would have reactivated the GOP

You would generally look at Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee but in Alabama, it was two evenly divided camps and was going to be a fight for the state party.

Thurmond's votes would have primarily come in southern Alabama, Truman's in northern Alabama, Truman probably holds Mobile County, but where Dewey would get a lot of votes would be in the Hoover counties of 1928 and then those counties that long standing had strong GOP performances in the 1920s or generally went for Teddy Roosevelt in 1912, etc

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