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I:9709ledwing ( 0.00 points)September 05, 2017 04:12pm
Also, Andrew Hollister is also on the ballot on the Libertarian line.

I:9709ledwing ( 0.00 points)September 05, 2017 04:11pm
I'd like to update some candidate information for Andrew Hollister.

* Candidate Photo: [Link]

* Candidate Biography:
Andrew Hollister is a Rochesterian through and through. He grew up in the 19th ward and has a love for food trucks, Garbage Plates, and the great outdoors. At age 18, he graduated from Wilson Magnet High School (the old West High) and went on to start a business that he ran out of his apartment off Thurston Rd. Since then, it has grown to a company that employs six full time staff (most of which are city residents).
While Andrew was in high school he worked multiple part-time jobs, including working at Boys and Girls Club teaching computer skills to kids, as a server for wedding banquets, an IT Support professional at RIT, and doing other work as he could find it. Andrew loves giving back to his community and being prepared, which is why he took the Community Emergency Response Training course provided by the city. This allowed him to become an EMT and volunteer at a local volunteer ambulance service. He also volunteers with RACES to provide emergency communication with the Red Cross and other emergency services in times of crisis.
Being an avid outdoorsman and understanding the importance of youth spending quality time outdoors, Andrew is helping get Discovering Outdoors (a non-profit for inner-city youth) off the ground. He also volunteers and supports RCSD programs that allow students to take part in experiential learning through trips to the Adirondacks and Algonquin, Canada.
In his spare time Andrew volunteers to help “micro” businesses by helping them learn how to get their business off the ground. Andrew and his wife (an immigrant and “micro” business owner) live in the city with their German Shepherd Sadie and Hedgehog Ellie.
Like many other people in Rochester Andrew wants to see job growth and lasting opportunity for our community. As he starts the next chapter of his life in raising a family, he wants to fight to make sure Rochester is the best possible place to raise a child.

* Candidate Location/Address: Rochester, NY

* Candidate/Campaign website: www.hollister4council.com

* Candidate/Campaign email: contact@hollister4council.com

* The date the candidate officially announced/entered the race: 5/8/17