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  Evans Primus Jr
Screen NameEvans Primus Jr   
NameEvans Primus
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BirthdayDecember 09, 1990
First LoginSeptember 03, 2020 09:36pm
Last LoginSeptember 20, 2020 08:42pm
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I:10789Evans Primus Jr ( 0.00 points)September 03, 2020 10:40pm
Georgia Candidate: State Rep DISTRICT 176
Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

My name is Evans T. Primus, Jr. I was born December 9, 1990 in Waycross, Georgia, in the lineage of Walter A. Myles, my great-great grandfather, and prominent educator. (Professor Myles principled black students during segregation, with the help of his wife, in several counties throughout Southeast Georgia, most notably, Alma, Georgia former mayor, James Dean.) My grandmother is a farmer in Pierce County, Georgia. She taught me the importance of agricultural - based living. My mother is a US Navy veteran. She exemplifies integrity, success, courage, and commitment in work and school. I graduated from Pierce County High School in 2009. I attended The Arts Institute of Atlanta and other colleges from 2009 to 2016. I've studied and have the basic knowledge of welding, business administration, audio production, automotive painting and repair. I play many musical instruments. Most recently, I delve into historical studies and science in my leisure to broaden the Dynamics of creative thinking. I believe that this candidacy is an opportunity for me to help others.

The Entire District Need:

BETTER Business

Things to do

Trailblazers to rise up

Exposure of our District's History, Beauty, and Land

Affordable housing

Educational progressives (ie. A Youth Center in every unserved area that is geared towards creating a culture of literacy and healthy living)

Purchase from your local farmers.

Community Infrastructure/Road/Bridge Reconstruction and new developments
(Traffic blockage due to the railroad pathways in Waycross Georgia is a meritorious issue bearing on taxpayers. These Citizens have waited far too long, on those responsible for city development and it's management system.)

I want to serve the Underserved‼️


* Sign up to Volunteer @ www:evansprimusjr:net

* Hit us up on Messenger to answer any questions or leave your suggestion(s) of ways that could help STRENGTHEN your Community. Be sure to include the city that you're targeting for attention

* CASHAPP for convenience:$BelieveInExcellence