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The 7th Congressional Debate
Posted September 13, 2020 at 09:00pm by bnml

Just over an hour ago Congressman Tom Malinowski and State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. debated. As a republican I, of course, have a bias.I can say that Tom Malinowski, a democrat, performed very well, while Tom Kean on the other hand had really terrific moments while he struggled to be likeable. Back to bashing democrats. I can't stand Tom Malinowski, he is annoying, boring, and as a rural resident; just condescending. Tom Kean was pretty much the same with the exception of condescending. I really feel bad for voters in this district. It would literally be impossible to find a old white guy that isn't anymore boring. New Jersey has a long history of exciting tumultuous and down right nasty elections. In April when Kean announced his candidacy I was positive that this election would be another one of those NJ elections for the books. I couldn't have been anymore wrong. Both candidates are programmed eleitest robots. Every other word out of Tom Malinowski's mouth is Donald Trump. I really don't care about Donald Trump, and everyone has been tired of hearing about him since June 16, 2015. On the other hand all Tom Kean can talk about is being bi partisan and being in the State Senate. I'm falling asleep wiring this. Although all the boring - ness seems to fit this super wealthy liberal leaning district.