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What does it take for democrats to win in Sussex County?
Posted November 06, 2020 at 05:00pm by bill

Democrats have had huge success in every corner of New Jersey since Chris Christie gutted the NJGOP in his doomed bid for the Presidency in 2016. This has been true everywhere, even in Warren County. The only exception has been Sussex County. As a republican I have watched for years now, shocked, every single time the staunchness of republican voters in my county. There are many major examples of this. The most glaring is the 2017 Freeholder (Commissioner come Jan. 1, 2021) race. Democrats ran a perfect candidate for Freeholder. Dan Perez, a Commissioner on the county board of utilities, finally a democrat nominee with experience in something useful in Sussex. He campaigned against republican Herb Yardley. Yardley had been out of the game for years. The last time he held elected office was all the way back in 2003. Yardley is a person who lacks any sort of charisma, but makes up with his Sussex County vibe. They were campaigning for a seat held by the often times controversial Phil Crabb. Perez's campaign managed by the last democrat Freeholder, Howard Burrell, focused on the idea of creating a county veterans office. This earned him support from key, and staunchly republican, veteran organizations. Perez even earned some support from Members of the Skylands Tea Party, yes you heard that right.Yardley rarely campaigned, and mostly held insider fundraisers. Despite this Perez STILL lost, the best candidate the Sussex Democrats had gotten in years, lost in 2017 a republican bloodbath in Jersey. This is a prime example of how staunchly republicans vote in Sussex County despite a candidate provided to them that would have won in any other county in New Jersey. So the question remains, what does it take for democrats to win in Sussex County? The answer is nothing. It seems ridiculous to suggest that a democrat won't win anytime soon, but it's true. If someone like Dan Perez can't be elected Freeholder I don't know who can, and while there are a handful of elected officials in Sussex who are democrats only 4 of them are affiliated with the Sussex Democratic Committee the others are just defacto republicans.