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Posted April 04, 2008 at 09:00pm by Chronicler

This is a page where information on close races is posted. These are for major races - no convention votes or elections with just 100 votes cast.

Additional races will be added as they are made known - so feel free to post any that you know of!

Races ending in a tie:
-- NC-12 1823 [Link]
-- MD-06 1820 [Link]

One-vote win:
-- OH-7 1832 [Link]
-- CA-04 1876 [Link]

-- NY Assembly - 97 R Primary 1992 [Link]
-- ME State House-80 2002 [Link]
-- CT State House-65 2002 [Link]

Two-vote win:
-- NH U.S. Senate 1974 (result contested) [Link]

-- IN-05 1960 [Link]
-- OH-07 1886 [Link]
-- MO-09 1880 [Link]
-- WI-08 1874 [Link]

-- OK State House-25 2006 [Link]
-- UT State House-54 1970 [Link]

Three-vote win:
-- FL-02 1876 [Link]
-- WV-04 1888 [Link]

-- NY Assembly (Westchester-3) 1964 [Link]

Four-vote win:
-- IN-08 1984 (psephologists do not accept this recount margin) [Link]
-- NY-01 1914 [Link]
-- NY-08 1806 [Link]
-- NC-06 1839 [Link]

Five-vote win:
-- WI-09 1910 [Link]
-- GA-03 1853 [Link]

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