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  US President - Electoral Vote
Parents > United States > U.S. Executive
Type General Election
Filing Deadline June 01, 2020 - 12:00pm Central
Polls Open November 03, 2020 - 11:00pm Central
Polls Close November 03, 2020 - 11:00pm Central
Term Start January 20, 2021 - 11:00am
Term End January 20, 2025 - 11:00am
Turnout 0.00% Total Population
Last ModifiedAn62190 January 07, 2021 07:47am
Data Sources[Link] ; AP projections
Description December 8th, 2020 is the deadline for application of the safe harbor provision. On December 14th 2020 the electors who have been elected will meet in their respective states to cast their votes. Electoral Votes must be received by the President of the Senate (Vice-President) and the Archivist by December 23rd 2020. On January 6th 2021 a Joint Session of Congress will count the electoral votes. A candidate must receive 270 or more electoral votes to win. If no one receives 270 votes the 12th amendment runoff process begins. At 12 PM (Eastern Standard Time) January 20th, 2021 the new presidential term begins.
  PartyRepublican Won12/19/2016
NameDonald J. Trump Votes304 (56.51%)
Term01/20/2017 - 01/20/2021 Margin77 (+14.31%)
Nov 13, 2018 US President - PRB Convention
Bill Bayes
PRB 30
Sep 15, 2019 US President - ASP Convention
Brian T. Carroll
Oct 18, 2019 US President - SOC Convention
Howie Hawkins
S 1
Apr 25, 2020 US President - AllP Convention
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente
AllP 26
May 02, 2020 US President - CST Convention
Don Blankenship
CST 309
May 23, 2020 US President - LBT Convention
Jo Jorgensen
LBT 1,026
Jun 20, 2020 US President - REF Convention
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente
REF 22
Jul 11, 2020 US President - G Convention
Howie Hawkins
G 357
Aug 18, 2020 US President - D Convention
Joe Biden
D 4,714
Aug 24, 2020 US President - R Convention
Donald J. Trump
R 2,550
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Leaning Graph
05/02/2018 11/03/2020
Donald J. Trump 1 2 ----
Joe Biden 3 3 6 4
Leaning Call: Joe Biden (89.58%)
Weighted Call: Joe Biden (93.41%)

Name Vice President Joe Biden (I) President Donald J. Trump  
PartyDemocratic Republican  
Campaign Logo  
Certified Votes306 (56.88%) 232 (43.12%)  
Margin0 (0.00%) -74 (-13.75%)  
Predict Avg.60.09% 41.71%  
Cash On Hand $-- $--  
Website [Website] [Website]  
Entry Date -- --  
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Jan 06, 2021 11:00am Jan 06, 2021 11:00am Terrorist Attack Trump-inspired US Capitol Insurrection  Chronicler 

Start Date Candidate Category Ad Tone Lng Title Run Time Contributor
03/27/2020 TVAd Feel Good eng HOPE  00:01:00 RP 
03/23/2020 vs TVAd Attack eng Exponential Threat  00:00:30 RP 
10/31/2017 TVAd Biography eng PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL FIX IT  00:00:30 RP 

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Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Jan 08, 2021 05:00pm Event Right-wing extremists vow to return to Washington for Joe Biden's inauguration   Article RP 
Jan 08, 2021 10:00am News Trump tweets he is skipping Biden's inauguration  Article Chronicler 
Dec 05, 2020 01:00pm General Trump demands names of the congressional Republicans who said they recognize Biden as winner  Article RP 
Nov 17, 2020 06:20pm Strategy Trump team looks to box in Biden on foreign policy by lighting too many fires to put out  Article RP 
Nov 05, 2020 01:00pm Strategy New GOP campaign: Argue election stolen, Biden illegitimate  Article RP 
Oct 29, 2020 09:00pm Analysis Don't expect a contested election  Article BrentinCO 

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