Poll Average Details- MO Governor - 2020-11-03 19:00:00

The Poll Average is a weighted and adjusted number.
[Mid Date Column] All times are calculated by the middle date of the poll if it spans multiple days.
A time window of 2 months prior to the most recent poll is used.
[Time Weight Column] Polls are weighted in the amount they contribute to the final results in a linear fashion in this time window - the newest poll has a weight of 1, a poll 30 days prior will have a weight of 0.5 and a poll 60 days out will have a weight of 0. If the same pollster has more than one poll in this time period, only the newest will be used.
[Internal Column] If a poll is marked as being an internal poll for one of the candidates, it's weight will be halved.
[Candidate Columns, Bias] OurCampaigns has calculated partisan bias figures for all Polling Firms based on data from final vote totals in races they have polled. These amounts are subtracted from the poll result - in the case the bias figure is negative it will effectively be added to the poll result and appear as two dashes (minus a negative = plus). [TOTAL Row] The adjusted weights are summed for each poll result and the adjusted poll results for each candidate are multiplied by the poll weight and then summed. Each candidate's poll sum is divided by their weight sum to give the total.

PollMid DateTime WeightInternal Michael "Mike" Parson Saundra McDowellNicole Galloway Robin John Daniel Van QuaethemRik Combs Jerome Bauer Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt Theodis "Ted" Brown, Sr. Arnie C. "AC" Dienoff
Remington Research10/29X 1.00000   50.0000 - -0.8071 bias 44.0000 - 1.6114 bias 2.0000 - 0.3321 bias 1.0000 - 0.3516 bias      
Cygnal10/20X 0.85000   48.1000 - bias 41.5000 - bias 2.4000 - bias 0.7000 - bias      
YouGov10/7X 0.63333   49.7000 - 0.0717 bias 43.7000 - 1.3621 bias          
Garin-Hart-Yang Research (D)10/2X 0.55000  X 1/2 50.0000 - -1.9998 bias 48.0000 - 2.4851 bias          
We Ask America9/3X 0.06667   54.0000 - 0.7827 bias 41.0000 - -0.1522 bias          
TOTAL 49.901282 42.385020 2.004270 0.672108 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000