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Last EditedRBH - May 17, 2021 10:26pm
DescriptionThe Unionist Party was the main centre-right political party in Scotland between 1912 and 1965.

Independent from, although associated with, the Conservative Party in England and Wales, it stood for election at different periods of its history in alliance with a small number of Liberal Unionist and National Liberal candidates. Those who became members of parliament (MPs) would take the Conservative Whip at Westminster as the Ulster Unionists did until 1972. At Westminster, the differences between the Scottish Unionist and the English party could appear blurred or non-existent to the external casual observer, especially as many Scottish MPs were prominent in the parliamentary Conservative Party, such as party leaders Bonar Law (1911–1921 and 1922–1923) and Sir Alec Douglas-Home (1963–1965), both of whom served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The party traditionally did not stand at local government level but instead supported and assisted the Progressive Party in its campaigns against the Labour Party. This relationship ended when the Conservatives started fielding their own candidates, who stood against both Labour and the Progressives.

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10/16/1964 UK Parliament - Greenock Duncan R.G. Sillars Lost 18.18% (-36.94%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Perth & East Perthshire Ian MacArthur Won 57.92% (+33.25%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Western Isles Charles Alexander Cameron Lost 13.99% (-41.15%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Fife West John B. M. Gall Lost 27.03% (-38.50%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Bute and North Ayrshire Fitzroy Maclean Won 49.84% (+13.78%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Angus South Jock Bruce-Gardyne Won 58.18% (+35.61%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Caithness & Sutherland Patrick Maitland Lost 20.82% (-15.30%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Kilmarnock Graham H. Webster Lost 26.71% (-35.58%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Argyll Michael Noble Won 47.24% (+18.35%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Kinross & West Perthshire Alec Douglas-Home Won 66.65% (+47.90%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Orkney & Shetland John Firth Lost 19.98% (-42.61%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Aberdeenshire West Forbes Hendry Won 46.43% (+13.21%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Dumfries Hector Monro Won 48.65% (+9.50%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles Charles Donaldson Won 42.81% (+3.93%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Inverness Neil L. D. "Billy" McLean Lost 33.86% (-5.98%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Glasgow Provan K.B. Miller Lost 34.18% (-31.63%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Aberdeenshire East Patrick Wolrige-Gordon Won 47.98% (+24.72%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - West Lothian R. A. Gordon Stuart Lost 18.00% (-32.32%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Clackmannan & Eastern Stirlingshire Angus MacDonald Lost 30.62% (-26.55%)
10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Aberdeen South Priscilla Buchan Won 50.00% (+7.55%)