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Last EditedRBH - February 14, 2016 07:46pm
DescriptionThe VPA fielded several candidates in 2003, including a US Senate candidate in Florida. However, the party achieved limited electoral success, and bitter infighting caused it to split into two rival factions in 2006. In August 2008, the original VPA officially ceded its membership and ideology to the Modern Whig Party due to that organization's relatively large military membership, totaling at the time about 10,000 people, roughly 6,500 of which were affiliated with the military.

The Veterans Party of America was formed a second time by a group of veterans in December 2013 after the United States Senate approved a new budget deal which included cuts to military members' benefits. Within its first two months, the party amassed a following of almost 20,000 Facebook likes, and fifty state affiliates had been formed, with the party receiving Federal recognized party status.

In August 2014, the Veterans Party of America endorsed its first candidate for Montana State Legislature, by establishing the Montana Veterans Party. In March 2015, the Veterans Party of Mississippi, the state-affiliate of the national party, obtained ballot access within that state. It was the first Veterans Party to do so nationally. As of April 2015, the party holds 2 elected offices, with the first being Michael Hart, Mayor of Commerce in Oklahoma.

In August 2015, the Veterans Party announced their candidates for the 2016 Presidential election. The announcement was made at Mount Rushmore National Park. The party's Chris Keniston was named as the presidential candidate, and his running mate is Deacon Taylor. Both men are veterans and have been associated with the party.

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11/03/2020 AK State House 38 Willy Keppel Lost 37.47% (-24.43%)
11/03/2020 MN House Seat 15B Myron Arthur Wilson Lost 5.71% (-64.84%)
11/03/2020 MN House Seat 43B Antonio Nerios Lost 5.87% (-50.83%)
11/03/2020 MN House Seat 60A Calvin Lee Carpenter Lost 2.89% (-79.50%)
11/03/2020 VT State House - Washington 6 Lewis G. Graham, Jr. Lost 28.26% (-42.63%)
04/22/2020 NH State House - Rockingham 20 - Party Switch Max Abramson Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
11/08/2016 US President - Popular Vote Chris Keniston Lost 0.01% (-48.18%)
11/08/2016 US Vice President Deacon Taylor Lost 0.00% (-56.69%)
11/08/2016 WI State Assembly 28 Vincent Zilka Lost 5.44% (-55.22%)
11/08/2016 MS District 03 Roger Gerrard Lost 2.75% (-63.45%)
11/08/2016 IL US Senate Christopher Aguayo Lost 0.00% (-54.86%)
11/08/2005 New York City Council 09 Woody Henderson Lost 3.50% (-77.77%)
11/02/2004 FL US Senate Dennis F. Bradley Lost 2.24% (-47.19%)
11/08/1966 CT District 2 Daniel Tarasevich Lost 0.58% (-55.63%)
11/06/1934 CO District 4 Gustavis A. Billstrom Lost 2.75% (-64.54%)
11/04/1924 NJ District 12 Robert Ambry Lost 0.22% (-61.47%)