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  Vermont Grassroots
CountryUnited States
ContributorJoshua L.
Last EditedRBH - January 22, 2015 07:47pm
DescriptionThe Vermont Grassroots Party does not have a formal platform forming an ideological map for it's members. Instead we have gathered around the common goal of ending the cannabis prohibition and all that follows from this concept.

What is it that attracts us to this goal? The cannabis prohibition represents to us the worst of lawmaking and a real assault on our environmental ethics, economic freedoms, access to medicines, individual liberties and personal responsibility. Please browse our website for more information.

As individuals we bring a myriad of issues and solutions to the table of democracy. We are not a single issue party! Improving our education systems, transportation issues, economic development, protecting our physical environment, civil liberties, personal responsibility, governmental restraint, medical care and social protections are all part of what we are about.

If your freedoms and personal responsibility are important to you and you feel a responsibility to help society the Vermont Grassroots Party is for you, and you should click here to email i-want-to-help@vtgrassrootsparty.org.

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11/05/2002 VT State House - Orleans 2 Jack "Buck" Rogers Lost 2.61% (-28.51%)
11/05/2002 VT Lt. Governor Sally Ann Jones Lost 1.89% (-39.26%)
11/05/2002 VT Treasurer Teresa Bouchard Lost 4.83% (-52.38%)
11/05/2002 VT At-Large Fawn Skinner Lost 1.04% (-63.22%)
11/05/2002 VT Secretary of State Tina M. Thompson Lost 3.20% (-55.59%)
11/05/2002 VT Auditor Lynn Appleby Lost 3.70% (-47.62%)
11/05/2002 VT Attorney General Sandy "Wells" Ward Lost 2.85% (-53.77%)
11/05/2002 VT Governor Patricia Hejny Lost 0.33% (-44.61%)
11/07/2000 US Vice President Dale D. Wilkinson Lost 0.00% (-50.37%)
11/07/2000 VT At-Large Jack "Buck" Rogers Lost 1.69% (-67.52%)
11/07/2000 US President - Popular Vote Denny Lane Lost 0.00% (-48.38%)
11/07/2000 VT Governor Joel W. Williams Lost 0.46% (-49.99%)
11/07/2000 VT US Senate Billy Greer Lost 1.69% (-63.87%)
11/07/2000 VT State House - Chittenden 7-4 Matthew Hogg Lost 23.47% (-52.10%)
11/07/2000 VT State House - Orange 2 Rama Schneider Lost 3.77% (-29.74%)
11/07/2000 VT Lt. Governor Tom Beer Lost 3.07% (-50.26%)
11/07/2000 VT Attorney General Sandy "Wells" Ward Lost 14.71% (-69.25%)
11/03/1998 VT Governor Joel W. Williams Lost 1.52% (-54.15%)
11/03/1998 VT US Senate Robert "Doc Bob" Melamede Lost 1.15% (-71.07%)
11/03/1998 VT At-Large Matthew S. Mulligan Lost 1.61% (-61.79%)