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  Americans Elect
CountryUnited States
Last EditedPicimpalious - January 17, 2012 04:54am
DescriptionHow Americans Elect works.
In summer 2012, Americans Elect will hold a secure convention online in which any registered voter of any party can become a Delegate and help pick a competitive ticket for President and Vice President, unaffiliated with any political party. Until then, we are working to secure ballot access for this ticket in all 50 states. Any person who meets the constitutional qualifications to be President may seek the Americans Elect nomination. More details will come soon.

What Americans Elect isn't.

We are not a traditional third party or political party of any sort. We have no candidates, issues, or ideology of our own. We do not promote or oppose any candidate for office. We do not seek to influence which candidate any voter chooses in 2012. We have no ties to any political party or other group or movement—left, right, or center. None of our funding comes from corporate, labor, special interest, foreign, or lobbyist sources.

What Americans Elect is.

What we are is a nonpartisan nonprofit founded by Americans from all sides of politics who are worried that our nation’s deep political divisions keep big problems from being solved. Their support has made Americans Elect possible, but it is the Delegates—you, your family members, your friends, and millions of other caring Democratic, Republican, and independent voters—who will make it work.
Six Things to Know about Americans Elect.

Americans Elect is a better way to choose a President
Americans Elect will hold a secure vote in the first-ever online presidential nominating convention
Every registered voter—Democrats, Republicans and independents—may be a Delegate, and millions of Americans Elect Delegates will vote for a ticket that bridges the vital center of our national politics
Americans Elect will have 50-state ballot access
Americans Elect will revitalize and modernize how America does democracy
The Delegates—and the rest of the American people—are the true boss of Americans Elect

In the end, you will select the Americans Elect ticket that will bridge the vital center of our politics and get America back on track. Americans Elect is simply the platform—a nonpartisan group of Americans who have come together to create a new system of choosing our candidates for President.

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Apr 16, 2012 01:00pm Profile Americans Elect searches for a way to ignite third-party fever  Article RP 
Dec 19, 2011 10:00am Announcement Americans Elect gets OK to put ticket on California ballot  Article Hikikomori Blitzkrieg! 
Nov 23, 2011 02:30pm Editorial Americans (won’t) elect!  Article TX DEM 



11/04/2014 US House - National Vote Americans Elect Control Lost 0.06% (-51.35%)
11/04/2014 AZ State House 22 Suzie Easter Lost 1.92% (-30.80%)
11/04/2014 AZ - District 07 Rebecca DeWitt Lost 5.32% (-69.53%)
11/04/2014 AZ Governor John Lewis Mealer Lost 1.02% (-52.42%)
11/04/2014 AZ - District 08 Stephen Dolgos Lost 24.19% (-51.62%)
11/04/2014 AZ State Senate 07 Kelly Gneiting Lost 16.22% (-66.97%)
08/26/2014 AZ Governor - AEL Primary John Lewis Mealer Won 60.88% (+21.76%)
08/26/2014 AZ Governor - AEL Primary Write-In Lost 39.12% (-21.76%)
08/26/2014 AZ Secretary of State - AEL Primary Write-In Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
06/03/2014 CA Lt. Governor - Open Primary Alan S. Reynolds Lost 1.34% (-48.53%)
11/06/2012 US House - National Vote Americans Elect Control Lost 0.01% (-48.89%)
11/06/2012 AZ - District 08 Stephen Dolgos Lost 1.59% (-61.75%)
11/06/2012 AZ - District 04 Richard Grayson Lost 0.98% (-65.79%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention Joe C. "Average Joe" Schriner Lost 0.25% (-38.29%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson Lost 13.06% (-25.47%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention Merlin Miller Lost 0.57% (-37.97%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention Scott Keller Lost 0.30% (-38.24%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention No Nominee Won 38.54% (+14.29%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention Michealene Cristini Risley Lost 9.06% (-29.48%)
05/17/2012 US President - AE Convention Blake Ashby Lost 1.04% (-37.50%)