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  Country Liberal
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Last EditedM@ - August 25, 2016 03:31pm
DescriptionThe CLP is to the National Liberal Party, what the DFL is to the Democrats... same party, different name.

The NT Country Liberal Party was created by Territorians for Territorians. It is totally independent of control or direction from any other political party, though it is associated with the Liberal Party and National Party of Australia.

Parliamentary Wing
The Parliamentary wing comprises of Country Liberal members of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly and the Party's Federal representatives. The Parliamentary wing is responsible for:

Representation of the electorates held by Country Liberal members of the Northern Territory

Parliamentary strategy and priorities the Party's policies, guided by the principles and priorities contained in the Platform

The Organisational wing cannot dictate policy but consults with and makes recommendations to the Parliamentary wing.

Organisational Wing
The Organisational wing is based on the Party's rank and file membership with elected office bearers serving on the various forums of the Party. The Organisational wing is responsible for:

The Party's Platform -- the broad statement of the Party's fundamental beliefs and intentions

Preselection of Party's candidates for elections

Management and conduct of election campaigns

Fund raising

Formed in 1974, the Country Liberal Party is the smallest political party to have ever governed in Australia. The Country Liberal Party is also the most successful having the longest term in office of present administrations in Australia.

The Country Party emerged in the late 1960's when the then stronghold of Alice Springs successfully presented Sam Calder as a candidate in the 1966 election under that Party's banner.

The fledgling Liberal Party group in the Darwin area gave their complete support to Sam Calder in 1966, 1969 and 1972 knowing full well that a non Labor candidate would require total unity to be successful.

From the "united" front and the creation of a fully elected Legislative Assembly in 1974 emerged the establishment of the Country Liberal Party. This move enabled traditional Liberal support groups to give unqualified backing to the Territory organisation rather than to the Federal Party.

Four months following the Party's formation, the CLP won seventeen of the nineteen seats available in the first Northern Territory Assembly election held on 19 October 1974. Since the first election the CLP has remained the majority party in the Legislative Assembly.

On July 1st 1978 the Northern Territory achieved Self-Government with Paul Everingham becoming the first Chief Minister at the age of 34.

In 1979 the Country Liberal Party established "an association" with both the Liberal Party of Australia and the National Country Party of Australia. Both coalition parties receive Country Liberal Party delegations. The NTCLP President has full voting rights with the National Party and observer status with the Liberal Party.

CLP members of the Federal Parliament are directed by the NTCLP where they are to sit. This could be with the National Party, the Liberal Party or on the cross benches.

Indicative of CLP affiliation with both Federal Coalition partners, former Senator Bernie Kilgariff sat with the Liberal Party and the National Party during his time in Canberra

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08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Araluen Damien Ryan Lost 49.52% (-0.96%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Nightcliff Steven Doherty Lost 25.74% (-48.52%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Fong Lim Kylie Bonanni Lost 47.38% (-5.25%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Popular Vote Country Liberal Party Lost 31.34% (-8.09%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Arnhem Jerry Amato Lost 0.00% (-51.57%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Nelson Gerald Maley Won 58.28% (+16.55%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Drysdale Leanne Butler Lost 42.10% (-15.80%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Barkly Steven Edgington Won 50.10% (+0.20%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Namatjira Bill Yan Won 50.31% (+0.61%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Daly Ian Sloan Won 51.21% (+2.43%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Blain Matthew Kerle Lost 49.84% (-0.31%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Katherine Jo Hersey Won 52.32% (+4.63%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Casuarina Tony Schelling Lost 34.04% (-31.93%)
08/22/2020 NT Chief Minister Lia Finocchiaro Lost 32.00% (-24.00%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Wanguri Jed Hansen Lost 32.70% (-34.61%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Karama Brian O'Gallagher Lost 40.25% (-19.50%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Brennan Marie-Clare Boothby Won 51.19% (+2.37%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Party Standings Country Liberal Party Lost 32.00% (-24.00%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Fannie Bay Tracey Hayes Lost 40.44% (-19.13%)
08/22/2020 NT Legislative Assembly - Johnston Gary Haslett Lost 33.47% (-33.05%)