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DescriptionThe Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste or PS) is the main opposition party in France. Although it has historically been a democratic socialist party, and still defines itself as such, most political scientists would say that it is now a social democratic party. It was founded in 1969. A democratic socialist party has existed in France under various names since 1880. For a century, however, it had only fleeting electoral success. In 1981, under Fran篩s Mitterrand, party won both the presidency and (with allies) a majority in the National Assembly for the first time, and was president for 14 years.

In 1984 Mitterrand and his second Prime Minister, Laurent Fabius, made a sharp change of course and abandoned any further socialist measures. Since then, the Socialists have been in practice a moderate social democratic party, largely embracing the market economy. Because of this, the Socialist party is often criticized by groups further to the left (Lutte Ouvri貥, Revolutionary Communist League, Parti des Travailleurs...) as being no more a truly left-wing party (see social-traitor). Another point of view is that the French Socialist Party aims at governing the country, while such groups only aim at being a vocal opposition in the hope of some hypothetical Communist revolution.

At the 1995 presidential election, Mitterrand retired, and the Socialist candidate, Lionel Jospin, was defeated by Jacques Chirac. In 1997, however, the Socialists gained a majority in the National Assembly and Jospin became Prime Minister, following a policy that was broadly progressive but had little to do with socialism as traditionally understood. Chirac again defeated Jospin in the presidential elections of 2002, and Jospin then retired from politics. Later in 2002 the Socialists were defeated by Chirac's allies in parliamentary elections. In the 2004 regional elections, however, the Socialists had a major comeback. In coalition with the Greens and Communists, they gained power in 21 of the 22 regions. The leader of the Socialist Party is now its secretary-general, Fran篩s Hollande.

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05/26/2019 FRA EU Parliament - Popular Vote French Socialist Party Lost 6.19% (-17.14%)
05/26/2019 FRA EU Parliament - Party Standings French Socialist Party Lost 6.76% (-22.97%)
06/11/2018 FRA MEP - Massif central-Centre Seat (Succession) Karine Gloanec Maurin Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
04/08/2018 French National Assembly - Overseas 5th (By-election) Mehdi Benlahcen Lost 7.47% (-27.67%)
03/18/2018 French National Assembly - Haute-Garonne 8th (By-election Runoff) Joël Aviragnet Won 70.31% (+40.61%)
03/18/2018 French National Assembly - Loiret 4th (By-election) Jalila Gaboret Lost 6.65% (-31.55%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Emmanuel Maurel Lost 18.98% (-29.58%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Julien Dray Lost 0.00% (-48.56%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Rachid Temal Lost 0.00% (-48.56%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Delphine Batho Lost 0.00% (-48.56%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Luc Carvounas Lost 6.36% (-42.20%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Olivier Faure Won 48.56% (+22.46%)
03/15/2018 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Stéphane Le Foll Lost 26.10% (-22.46%)
03/11/2018 French National Assembly - Haute-Garonne 8th (By-election) Joël Aviragnet Won 38.74% (+18.43%)
01/28/2018 French National Assembly - Territoire de Belfort 1st (By-election) Arthur Courty Lost 2.60% (-36.42%)
01/28/2018 French National Assembly - Val-d'Oise 1st (By-election) Sandra Nguyen-Derosier Lost 6.88% (-22.40%)
11/10/2017 UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
09/30/2017 French Socialist Party - First Secretary Rachid Temal Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
09/24/2017 French Senate - Paris Rémi Féraud Won 13.39% (+0.00%)
09/24/2017 French Senate - Paris Marie-Pierre de La Gontrie Won 13.39% (+0.00%)