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DescriptionName of several separate statewide political parties.

(A) The most well known is a minor political party in New York State with ballot access. "The Conservative Party was formed in 1962 to restore a meaningful choice to the voters of New York State. At that time, the three existing political parties espoused the doctrinaire liberal philosophy of the welfare state at home and the collectivist ideology abroad. In just three short decades, the party has grown from a small band of conservative-minded men and women to a statewide organization of almost 170,000 individuals dedicated to the traditional American values of individual freedom, individual responsibility and individual effort.

From a humble beginning garnering 141,000 votes on ballot Row F, our principles have attracted Empire State voters in sufficient numbers to raise the Party to Row C and twice received over a million votes for our candidate in a statewide election. From the founding of the party, it has been successively chaired by Kieran O�Doherty, J. Daniel Mahoney, Serphin R. Maltese and Michael R. Long. Through the leadership of these men and the hard work of committee members, the Conservative Party elected James L. Buckley to the U. S. Senate, William Carney to the House of Representatives, Serphin R. Maltese to the State Senate, Rosemary R. Gunning and Charles Jerabec to the State Assembly, and numerous county, city, town and village offices."

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(B) The name of the Southern wing of the Democratic Party during Reconstruction.

(C) The Conservative Party of Kansas was the Kansas affiliate of the American Independent Party from 1968 to 1980. It further went on to be the Kansas affiliate of the Populist Party in 1984 before losing ballot access due to changes in Kansas law.

(D) The Conservative Party of Iowa placed statewide candidates on the ballot in 1964. They supported Barry Goldwater for President.

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