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DescriptionThe Liberty Party had two separate existences. Its first incarnation (1839--1856) was a party dedicated to the immediate emancipation of slaves. This party ran James G. Birney, a former slaveowner, for President in 1840 and 1844. The bulk of the party joined the Free Soil Party in 1848. However, the Party continued to exist in NY, where Gerrit Smith ran for President in 1848 and the last local candidates ran. William Goodell was the presidential nominee in 1852 and received a few votes in NY. This marked the end of the party. Gerrit Smith received some votes for president in 1856 and 1860 but used other names for his ticket.

The second Liberty Party was formed in 1930. The party's nominees did well primarily in locations where voters were reluctant to vote Democratic; one candidate in UT received 13% of the vote that year. However, in 1932, the presidential nominee and state affiliates fared poorly. Their best showings were on the west coast, so the party ceased to exist after 1932.

In recent years, the party name has returned as a 3rd party in Massachusetts. It's called the Liberty Party but is also known as the Boston Tea Party of Massachusetts. It's philosophy is libertarian. It's a offshoot of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. It's most famous for being affiliated with Independent candidate Joe Kennedy in the 2010 special senatorial election. Kennedy got about 0.99% of the vote. The party's best showing was from Jonathan A. Loya in 2010 who received 28% of the vote against only an incumbent Democrat for the Eight Middlesex seat in the Massachusetts State House.

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08/04/2020 WA Governor - Blanket Primary Joshua Wolf Lost 0.09% (-50.05%)
11/05/2019 Lehigh County Commissioners - At-Large Matthew C. Schutter Lost 1.68% (-13.09%)
11/08/2016 US President - Popular Vote Darryl W. Perry Lost 0.00% (-48.19%)
11/08/2016 US Vice President Conan Salada Lost 0.00% (-56.69%)
11/04/2014 MA State,House - Sixth Middlesex Michael John Coombes Lost 16.31% (-67.08%)
11/06/2012 WI - District 02 Joe Kopsick Lost 0.00% (-67.90%)
11/06/2012 ME US Senate Andrew Ian Dodge Lost 0.80% (-52.09%)
11/02/2010 MA State House - Eighth Middlesex Jonathan A. Loya Lost 28.67% (-42.48%)
11/02/2010 MA - District 05 Dale E. Brown Lost 1.96% (-52.88%)
01/19/2010 MA US Senate - Special Election Joseph L. "Joe" Kennedy Lost 0.99% (-50.87%)
11/06/1990 CT District 5 William G. Hare Lost 1.04% (-50.67%)
11/07/1972 ND At-Large Kenneth C. Gardner Lost 0.19% (-72.51%)
11/03/1970 NY Assembly 78 Andre Vidal Lost 6.46% (-59.80%)
11/08/1938 NY Assembly - Erie 5 Frank Kwiatkowski Lost 9.72% (-40.83%)
11/03/1936 US Senate - National Vote Liberty Party Control Lost 0.05% (-53.36%)
11/06/1934 US Senate - National Vote Liberty Party Control Lost 0.05% (-52.70%)
01/04/1933 US President William H. "Coin" Harvey Lost 0.00% (-88.89%)
11/08/1932 WA US Senate Frederick R. Burch Lost 4.78% (-55.83%)
11/08/1932 ID District 1 A. Cornell Lost 3.35% (-51.54%)
11/08/1932 ID District 2 William Goold Lost 1.14% (-53.91%)