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  City Fusion
CountryUnited States
Last Editednystate63 - May 30, 2005 10:03pm
Description"The City Fusion Party arose in 1933 in response to the scandals in city government revealed by the Seabury hearings. Fiorello La Guardia, nominated by the Republicans and the City Fusionists, polled nearly half his votes on the new party?s ticket. However, the Fusionists had no interest in patronage?the loaves and fishes by which one builds a permanent mass movement. Enthusiasm flags in the absence of a paycheck. By the 1950s, the party had nearly faded away. Its tattered remains?largely the right to use a four-leaf clover as a ballot emblem?became the property of Counselor Fusco, a Republican turned Democrat turned Perotista. No election since the late 1960s has been complete without Fusco or his friends somewhere on the ballot. Fusco last ran for citywide office in 1997, when he polled fewer than 1000 votes running for mayor as a Fusionist. This year, he ran for comptroller on the Fusion ticket with Bernie Goetz and polled 6989 votes. From the Little Flower to the Subway Gunman?what a fall was there, my countrymen. As far as ideas are concerned, Fusco?s remain a mystery: he, too, published no platform in the city?s Voter Guide."
-from nypress.com

Mayor John Mitchel's 1917 ticket was also named "City Fusion".

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11/06/2001 New York City Council 14 Agustin Alamo-Estrada Lost 4.22% (-77.12%)
11/06/2001 New York City Council 34 Anthony Miranda Lost 8.67% (-77.15%)
11/06/2001 New York City Mayor Bernhard "Bernie" Goetz Lost 0.07% (-50.22%)
11/06/2001 New York City Council 28 Garth Marchant Lost 1.97% (-69.34%)
11/06/2001 New York City Public Advocate Sheila Flaxman Lost 0.61% (-85.61%)
11/06/2001 New York City Comptroller Joseph D. Fusco Lost 0.73% (-83.18%)
11/03/1998 NY Assembly 54 Behula Taveras Lost 0.40% (-92.35%)
11/03/1998 NY Assembly 53 Carmen Alicea Lost 0.70% (-91.91%)
11/03/1998 NY DIstrict 12 Hector Henry Lost 0.50% (-83.11%)
11/04/1997 New York City Comptroller Donal Yarbrough Lost 0.14% (-76.20%)
11/04/1997 New York City Public Advocate Ismael Betancourt, Jr. Lost 0.25% (-73.54%)
11/04/1997 New York City Mayor Dominick Fusco Lost 0.05% (-57.70%)
11/04/1997 Brooklyn Borough President Dennis A. Dillon Lost 5.26% (-66.42%)
11/04/1997 New York City Council 11 Joseph D. Fusco Lost 1.06% (-74.00%)
11/04/1997 New York City Council 07 Alphonzo Mosley Lost 2.87% (-84.08%)
11/04/1997 New York City Council 42 Julian M. Hill, Jr. Lost 3.17% (-83.98%)
11/04/1958 NY Assembly - Queens 06 F. William Guma, Jr. Lost 9.41% (-45.24%)
11/08/1949 New York City Council 28 Edward V. Morand Lost 0.66% (-53.26%)
11/08/1949 Bronx County District Attorney Alan Partnick Lost 0.35% (-53.69%)
11/08/1949 Bronx Borough President Jack E. Levine Lost 0.37% (-51.23%)