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  Personal Choice
CountryUnited States
Last EditedPicimpalious - May 09, 2004 06:01pm
DescriptionThe Personal Choice Party of Utah was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ken Larsen.

In order to form a more perfect political process, the Personal Choice Party of Utah regards Personal Choice as its mission statement, its permanent principle, and its permanent platform. To promote Personal Choice, the Personal Choice Party of Utah minimizes the need for group decisions. Thus, the interpretation of the principle of Personal Choice, as it applies to specific issues, shall be each individual's Personal Choice. The Party shall make no group decisions on specific issues. No person shall be authorized to speak for the Personal Choice Party on any specific issue. Each Person is free to develop and express their own personal opinions.

The purpose of government is to prevent us from harming others and to prevent others from harming us. That is all we should expect or allow government to do. It is not the job of government to stop us from harming ourselves, or to make us help others. That is our responsibility as individuals.

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11/03/2009 Bergen County Freeholders Others Lost 0.03% (-25.81%)
02/14/2007 OC Presidential Residency Taj Mahal Casino Lost 6.45% (-22.58%)
11/07/2006 UT US Senate Roger Price Lost 1.59% (-60.77%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 29 Anniliese Hinkle Lost 2.78% (-44.08%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 30 Ian Scharine Lost 2.40% (-74.93%)
11/07/2006 Salt Lake County Clerk Lawrence Rey Topham Lost 2.27% (-55.48%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 35 Ben Valdez Jr. Lost 2.95% (-53.87%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 13 Ben F. Wofford Lost 18.57% (-62.85%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 22 K.C. "Sarge" Froehle Lost 3.06% (-43.86%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 23 Frank Joseph Irish Lost 4.06% (-54.24%)
11/07/2006 UT State House 24 Edward James Aho Lost 3.53% (-89.41%)
11/07/2006 Salt Lake County Council At-Large C Jimmy Cadman Lost 2.23% (-48.82%)
11/07/2006 Salt Lake County Council Council District 1 Lillie E. DeCair Lost 4.47% (-65.92%)
11/07/2006 UT State Senate 02 Ken Larsen Lost 2.46% (-65.90%)
11/02/2004 UT Governor Ken Larsen Lost 0.91% (-56.83%)
11/02/2004 US Vice President Marilyn Chambers Lost 0.00% (-53.16%)
11/02/2004 UT US Senate Joe LaBonte Lost 0.97% (-67.76%)
11/02/2004 US President - Popular Vote Charles "CJ" Jay Lost 0.00% (-50.73%)
11/02/2004 UT State Senate 01 Daniel Dean McGuire Lost 1.99% (-46.74%)
11/02/2004 UT State Senate 23 Phillip P. May, Jr. Lost 0.92% (-70.75%)