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Last EditedRBH - May 09, 2009 03:57pm
DescriptionThe Progressive Party has existed in several forms.

Theodore Roosevelt ran as a Progressive in 1912, finishing second ahead of President William Howard Taft. This granted the Progressive Party ballot access in a lot of states, but the Progressive Party withered as a separate entity by 1916 when they fielded no Presidential nominee.

Robert LaFollette was considered a Progressive party candidate in 1924 (although he ran under other labels in some states)

Robert LaFollette, Jr. helped form the Progressive Party of Wisconsin which existed from 1934 to 1946 and won numerous offices.

Henry Wallace also ran as a Progressive in 1948. Although not directly connected or supported by most of the previous Progressive Party members (and unable to use the Progressive label in Wisconsin). Wallace finished 4th with a disappointing percentage.

Currently the Progressive Party has elected officials in Vermont. Where most of the current Progressive Party activity is conducted these days.

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Sep 19, 2009 01:30pm Blog Entry Oregon Peace Party Changes Its Name to Progressive Party   Article RBH 
Mar 18, 1946 08:00pm Rule Change Progressives of Wisconsin Vote to Rejoin Republicans  Article Homegrown Democrat 



11/07/2017 Oyster Bay NY Supervisor Jonathan C. Clarke ???
03/07/2017 Burlington, VT City Council Central District Jane Knodell Won 52.52% (+5.60%)
03/07/2017 Burlington, VT City Council East District Charles Winkleman Lost 46.19% (-6.53%)
03/07/2017 Burlington, VT City Council South District Charles Simpson Lost 22.13% (-43.73%)
03/07/2017 Burlington, VT City Council Progressive Party Control Lost 25.00% (-25.00%)
12/01/2016 VT State House Progressive Leader Robin Chesnut-Tangerman Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
11/08/2016 OR State House 16 Sami Al-AbdRabbuh Lost 15.98% (-42.07%)
11/08/2016 OR Treasurer Chris Henry Lost 4.91% (-38.99%)
11/08/2016 OR District 03 David Delk Lost 7.32% (-64.52%)
11/08/2016 OR State Senate 21 James Ofsink Lost 14.62% (-62.08%)
11/08/2016 OR State House 15 Cynthia Hyatt Lost 16.62% (-66.22%)
11/08/2016 VT Lt. Governor David E. Zuckerman Won 52.09% (+6.65%)
11/08/2016 VT Governor David E. Zuckerman Lost 0.00% (-52.90%)
11/08/2016 VT Lt. Governor Tim Ashe Lost 0.00% (-52.09%)
11/08/2016 VT State House - Franklin 5 Daniel C. Nadeau Lost 7.93% (-26.75%)
11/08/2016 VT State House - Windsor-Rutland Sandy Haas Won 71.91% (+43.82%)
11/08/2016 VT State House - Washington 5 Carl Etnier Lost 16.13% (-31.25%)
11/08/2016 VT State House - Franklin 7 Cindy Weed Won 50.32% (+0.65%)
11/08/2016 VT Treasurer Don Schramm Lost 13.09% (-69.22%)
11/08/2016 VT State House - Orange 1 Adam Deslauriers Lost 14.97% (-15.02%)