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  Andrew Yang is not ready to be president
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Last Edited123NY  Mar 21, 2019 09:11pm
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AuthorJeremiah Johnson
News DateTuesday, March 19, 2019 03:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionIf you’re a close follower of the political world and haven’t heard of Andrew Yang, the chances are you will at some point during Democratic primary. Yang is an underdog candidate running for President as a Democrat, but he’s gained niche attention in the online wonk space for his unique campaign centered around advocating for a Universal Basic Income (UBI). He’s done interviews with The Atlantic, TIME magazine, Vox, and more. Yang’s background is in the world of startups, and he is essentially the venture-capital futurist tech guy candidate for president.

Most of the attention Yang has gotten has been quite positive and credulous, focusing on his proposals for UBI and his futuristic appeal. In this piece, I intend to cast a more critical eye towards Yang. This is not out of animosity, but because every candidate deserves the respect of having their positions seriously examined from an honest and critical angle — and I don’t see that any major media outlet has given Andrew Yang this respect yet. Yang has been getting more and more mainstream attention, and is now a big enough deal that he deserves the respect of serious criticism.

Most of this piece will highlight the non-UBI areas of policy on his website. Outside of UBI, Yang has many policy positions that are alternately bizarre, likely unconstitutional, or incredibly destructive. They reveal a candidate who is prone to lazy thinking, who prefers marketing flash and consultant-style quick fixes to the hard work of finding actual solutions, and who ultimately is not ready to be president.

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