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  Ed Markey Annoys Literally Everyone by Voting ‘Present’ on Syrian Resolution
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Last EditedScott³  Sep 04, 2013 05:49pm
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AuthorEric Randall
News DateWednesday, September 4, 2013 11:00:00 PM UTC0:0
Description"The Senator didn’t vote yes or no on the measure, which the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved.

Senator Ed Markey has inspired some head-scratching and even cries of “cowardice” for voting “present” on a resolution authorizing President Obama to use force against the Syrian regime.

Markey told the Boston Globe he was worried about language that was added to the resolution that might make it too broad, but he didn’t have enough information for an outright “no.” Even so, it’s the kind of vote that annoys both sides in the debate. The rest of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved the measure, intended to punish the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons against its own citizens, with a 10-7 vote that sets it up for a showdown in the full Senate. Markey said he’ll have a definitive vote then. (Update: Markey’s full statement on the vote is here.)

Markey seems to have been in an awkward position. He sits in the seat held by now-Secretary of State John Kerry, who urged the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to give the resolution their approval. It would have made an outright “no” vote a bit awkward.

Markey had earlier demanded that the President seek congressional approval before using military force. That makes his “present” vote read a bit like, “You better ask my opinion on this, but meh, I don’t really have one.”
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Sep 04, 2013 07:00am Amusing Ed Markey’s “Present” Defense: “I’m The Dumbest Person In The Room”  Article Scott³