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  Rep. Ted Yoho: Tanning tax is a racist tax — against white people
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Last EditedIndyGeorgia  Aug 05, 2013 01:26pm
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AuthorSarah Kliff
MediaNewspaper - Washington Post
News DateMonday, August 5, 2013 07:00:00 PM UTC0:0
DescriptionRepublican Congressman Ted Yoho brought some new attention to the Affordable Care Act’s tanning tax, bringing up the subject at a recent town hall meeting in Florida. I’ll let the representative take it from here, via ThinkProgress:

I had a little fun with [John] Boehner and told him about the sun tanning tax. He goes, ‘I didn’t know it was in there,’ and I said, ‘Yes, it’s a ten percent tax.’ He goes, ‘Well, that’s not that big of a deal.’ I said, ‘It’s a racist tax.’ He goes, ‘You know what, it is.’ I had an Indian doctor in our office the other day, very dark skin, with two non-dark skin people, and I asked this to him, I said, ‘Have you ever been to a tanning booth?’ and he goes, ‘No, no need.’ So therefore it’s a racist tax and I thought I might need to get to a sun tanning booth so I can come out and say I’ve been disenfranchised because I got taxed because of the color of my skin.

This is not the tanning tax’s first moment in the sun (pun most certainly intended!). The tanning tax was, for awhile, referred to as the “Snooki” tax, after the Jersey Shore star made it known that she opposed a 10 percent excise tax on tanning salons.
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