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  Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ offers blueprint for Thomas Mulcair
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Last EditedMonsieur  Apr 06, 2012 02:12pm
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AuthorEugene Lang and Matt Browne
News DateThursday, April 5, 2012 08:00:00 PM UTC0:0
DescriptionImagine an unreconstructed social democratic political party that had toiled in the opposition wilderness for many years. Its leader takes some tentative steps to modernize it to increase the chances of winning government. He then dies suddenly in his prime.

His successor, dynamic and highly articulate, is committed to jettisoning some of the party’s most antiquated policies and doctrine. He wants to present the party as having a fresh, modern image, characterized by governing competence. The old guard see this agenda as an abandonment of their historic social democratic principles, and resist it.

This sounds a lot like the New Democratic Party over the past year under Jack Layton and now Thomas Mulcair after his victory at last month’s NDP leadership convention.

In fact, this is the British Labour party in the early to mid-1990s under John Smith, but mostly Tony Blair. Smith, who died tragically in 1994, and his successor Blair, dragged Labour into the late 20th century, modernizing it in both substance and presentation, creating a palatable choice for the British electorate.
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