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  Profile in treason: Anh Cao (Call, e-mail, fax info)
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ContributorBrandonius Maximus 
Last EditedBrandonius Maximus  Nov 08, 2009 11:30am
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News DateSunday, November 8, 2009 05:00:00 PM UTC0:0
DescriptionEnjoy Freepers' asinine stupidity!

Choice items:

Deport the SOB back. He learned NOTHING!

Just trying to save his own sorry ass in his 80% minority district

Doesn’t belong there. And doesn’t belong HERE, come to think of it...

How now, Yellow Cao...

And we're supposed to feel sorry for the denizens of this district when they face another Katrina. Nope. That's over.

Is this why so many of us fought in Vietnam for people like this to come here ands f**k the troops that set him free?

Go back Charlie.

I’m sure his parents are thrilled they risked their lives to bring him to the “land of the free”.

Re deporting the SOB to Viet Nam.

That’s what I wrote him, among other things. How dare he. I also asked him how much Pelosi promised him in exchange for his ‘vote.’

Ho Chi Minh
The NLF is gonna Win.”
Uncle Ho wins thanks to this Bastard.

Sold his Catholic soul to the devil (Pelosi/Obama) for nothing then, didn't he? Does he not know about the mandatory abortion provision in this bill....or did he vote for it just to keep his cushy job?

What a maggot!

....and many more!
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