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  An open letter to Nikki Tinker
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Last EditedServo  Aug 08, 2008 11:06pm
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News DateSaturday, August 9, 2008 05:05:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionI know, this may seem too soon and too harsh, coming the day after the voters of the 9th Congressional District (ESPECIALLY the African-American community) thoroughly repudiated you and your vicious, lowdown tactics. How amazing it was to watch as you turned within 48 hours from an attacking Congressional candidate to a national pariah; "Worst Person in the World", indeed.

As Vito Corleone once said, how did things ever get so far? The first time I remember seeing you was back in 2005 when we had an SCDP Unity Breakfast at the now-defunct Cafe Francisco. You were attractive, you seemed to have things together, and rumors were going around that you were going to run for Junior's seat when he went to the Senate. Knowing little about you, I thought you would be worth considering, as I had no idea that my friend (and then-State Senator) would toss his hat in the ring.

Well, you ran, and no one could find a damn thing out about you and where you stood, except that you came from a broken home and had pulled yourself up to be the lawyer you now were. Except that in Memphis, where we share the trait of distrust of outsiders with our cousins in East Tennesse, that's not good enough. Thus, once Cohen, whom we bloggers knew and trusted to be the optimal progressive guy, got in the race, we went after you. Cohen, of course won, but it appears that you took the wrong lessons from your defeat of two years ago.


However, you chose a different path. You ran the sleaziest type of campaign imaginable, earning the enmity not only of the city, and the state, but you made yourself a national joke, a figure of contempt. However, Ms. Tinker, worst of all, with that style of campaigning, you embarrassed and insulted the very people whose votes you sought: African-Americans of the 9th District.

You tried to run as a STREET Candidate? Really? Listen here, sister girl, I'm twice as gangsta as you'll EVER be, and I'm a 50-year-old white guy who calls himself the Cracker.
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