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  "I voted for Bush in 2000....I do not regret it.......I regret the choice."
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News DateMonday, October 27, 2003 06:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionIn 2000, I was an initial supporter of Bill Bradley for President. I never had been keen on the candidacy of Al Gore, Jr. and watching him go from being the centrist southern Democrat that he portrayed himself in 1988 to the urbane, liberal Democrat in the White House years, was disturbing.

What was even more disturbing is in 2000, after Wellstone, and Gephardt, Harkin, and any other possible candidate with a conviction, save Bradley, bailed out, the Democratic Party had a choice to make. The majority went with Gore.

I wrestled all through the campaign with the choice. The Reform Party didn't help me out. I couldn't vote for Nader, or one of the whcked out parties.

Then I listened to Bush. I didn't agree with everything he said, but he seemed sincere. This was alarming for me, because I still held grudges from my first campaign...Dukakis for President, against any Bush. As it came down to it, what sealed the fate, was the Gore attitude towards Bill Clinton.

If Clinton had not chosen Gore as a running mate in 1992, I doubt Gore would have survived the Republican onslaught in Tennessee. Maybe he would have, but the fact is, Clinton resurrected Gore's career, after Gore tanked his Presidential bid in 1988. Clinton gave Gore a larger role than any Vice President. He was good to this man. How does he repay him? He was unforgiving and separated himself.

We can't forget where we came from, or forget to dance with the ones who "brung us" to the dance. Where I am raised, a man's word is his bond. Where I am from, loyalty is a way of life, not a catch phrase.

I became rather angry at how Gore traded Clinton and didn't defend the Administration. It was a glimpse into his character.

On Election Day, I didn't want to waste my vote. I voted for George W. Bush, Jr.

He's not my favorite President. I don't always agree with him. But he stands by his convictions. He is my President, no matter what.
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