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  Senator Goodell
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News DateThursday, October 22, 1970 06:00:00 AM UTC0:0
Description"Few of those who have been involved in the peace movement as long as ourselves believe that electoral activity is the means by which we will end the Vietnam war. The Amendment to End the War has come and gone; the drive to elect a peace congress will come and go: but the war continues. It will go on until enough people, rather than politicians, decide that it must stop.

While most energy may best be directed elsewhere, we believe that a few electoral races constitute exceptions because the men involved are exceptional. There are, we believe, a few public figures who have used their office and stature to perform an invaluable function for the antiwar movement. By their strong advocacy of withdrawal, they have made it impossible for the movement to be dismissed as an unreasonable fringe. Their condemnations have often been the only force that has prevented repression from gaining the legitimacy the Administration would like to bestow upon it. They may not be able, in Congress, to end the war, but they have been helping the people—those organizing in the communities—who will. As Reverend Philip Berrigan wrote to Senator Goodell from Lewisburg Penitentiary, "You need us as we need you…without you, there would be complete intransigence from the government.""

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