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  Monthly Report on Site Building, 11/2007
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Last EditedChronicler  Dec 01, 2007 09:36am
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News DateSaturday, December 1, 2007 04:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionThe past month (11/2007) was a very busy month for OC! As usual, the numbers were collected before the month actually ended. I collected stats at 6:00 P.M., OC time. Any changes after that time will be added to the rfeport for next month. Randy's full, official table may be accessed here.

=== News Items ===

Thirty-seven users posted 572 news items, for an average of 15.5 each. Although this was the highest in four months, it was a drop from the 606 news stories posted this month last year. The monthly average for the past year is now 553, a drop from 555 at the end of last month.

The following is a list of users who entered at least one news story in 11/2007. Randy Parker, Howie, Bill Albers, DFW Dem, Servo, Eddy, Particleman, Scott Tester, Polecat, Aviator, Karma, Thomas Walker, Brett, Pimpilicious, Bob Heaney, Kal El, Chron, Mike Hillman, John Krause, Devon Hill, NYS 63, SC Moose, C Block, Prof. Plum, Ryan Walker, Patrick, Mad Viking, Dave Imperator, RMF, Bobby, New Jerusalem, Buddy, Frostbelt, RBH, Comedy, Ev, Socialist, and MA-Rep.

Posting of News Items, 11/2007
#Last Month - 572Past 12 Months - 6,639Site Totals
1 Aviator - 127 Aviator - 694 Randy - 4,890
2 Bobby Randy Aviator
3 Randy Bobby Servo
4 Servo Servo Howie
5 Brett Kal El Thomas Walker
6 Kal El Thomas Walker Edgewater
7 Scott Tester C Block Scott Tester
8 Chron Scott Tester Brandon
9 Ryan Walker Ryan Walker Bill Albers
10 Karma - 16 Brandon - 205 C Block - 1,021
11HowieBill AlbersRyan Walker
12RBHDFW DemBobby
13Thomas WalkerHowieKal El
16Bill AlbersForwardDFW Dem
17DFW DemBrian G.Prag Con
18Socialist ChronEric
19EddyKarma Pimpilicious
20Devon Hill - 7Particleman - 92Forward - 490

=== Races Created ===

Thirty users posted 3,291 races, for an average of 110 each. This more than doubled the 1,515 races entered in the same month last year and is the highest monthly grand total in five months. The average for the past 12 months is 2,647. Seven users set their highest number of races entered in the past 12 months. RBH nearly hit the elusive 1,000 mark this month.

We extend congratulations to several users. Brett passed the 10,000 mark, making him only the fourth OC'er to achieve that goal. MCPM returned to site building and passed the 6,000 mark. RBH passed 3,000 with his 893 races. Welcome back to Mike Hillman, MCPM, and Josh Lemere! Katamari and Massachusetts Republican warrant mention also - though they first posted last month, both contributed greatly in the past month.

Another interesting note: several users ended the month with unusual numbers. Eddy's final tally was 22,222. My final tally was 7,777. Socialist has 444.

The following users posted races in the past month. Massachusetts Republican, Katamari, Socialist, Ev, Comedy, RBH, Buddy, New Jerusalem, RMF, Dave Imperator, Patrick, Ryan Walker, Prof. Plum, NYS 63, John Krause, Mike Hillman, Chronicler, MCPM, Greg Jones, Bob Heaney, Josh Lemere, Brett, Thomas Walker, Karma, Aviator, Polecat, Scott Tester, Eddy 9_99, Servo, Bill Albers, and Howie.

Races Created, 11/2007
#Last Month - 3,291Past 12 Months - 31,769Site Totals
1 RBH - 893 Brett - 4,095 Eddy - 22,222
2 MCPM Eddy 9_99 Thomas Walker
3 Chronicler RBH Joe Skylark
4 Mike Hillman Chronicler Brett
5 Brett Thomas Walker NYS 63
6 Scott Tester Ev Chronicler
8 Joshua Lemere Scott Tester Dave Trotter
9 Socialist MCPM Scott Tester
10 Comedy - 94Dave Trotter- 1,216 Valerie - 4,246
11 Dave ImperatorRMF Josh Lemere
12 Katamari NYS 63 RBH
13 NYS 63 Socialist Meta
14 Ev Mad Viking Bill Albers
15 Karma Ryan Walker Polecat
16 Polecat Dave Imperator Randy
17 Eddy Bill Albers Ev
18 MA Republican Brian G. Karma
19 Servo Mike Hillman Jeff Morris
20 Buddy - 6 Patrick - 238 Pimpilicious - 1,764

=== Candidate Profiles ===

I last collected stats for this category four months ago. We have collectively added 14,149 candidate profiles since then. Wow!!

Candidate Profiles Created, 11/2007
#Past 4 Months - 14,1492007 Thus Far - 34,611Site Totals
1 RBH - 4,263 Brett - 5,694Eddy - 19,060
2 Brett KarmaThomas Walker
3 Ev RBH Brett
4 Karma Ev Joe Skylark
5 Eddy ChronNYS 63
6 RMF Eddy Dave Trotter
7 Chron Thomas Walker Chron
8 Scott Tester MCPM Karma
9 Thomas Walker Dave Trotter RBH
10 MCPM - 348 Scott Tester - 991 MCPM - 5,063

=== Sub-Races Entered ===

This category is a little complicated. I don't collect the stats each month, and for some reason today the link only shows the site totals, not the monthly totals. I compared the current totals with those at the end of last year only for this table.

The big workers in this category are MCPM, RBH, and Ev. I had been slowly catching up to Becky Walker, but RBH moved way on past both of us. He placed a close second, behind the recognized leader in this category, MCPM (currently going by the name of Site Builder). You will note that I don't always update the names of users as they change.

Sub-Races Created, 2007
# Thus far 2007Site Totals
1MCPM - 9,835MCPM - 99,178
2RBH - 9,718Thomas Walker - 28,043
3Ev - 8,799Joe Skylark - 27,890
5KarmaBecky Walker
9Greg JonesBrian Morreale
10Bobby - 576Randy - 6,720

Many thanks to all members of the OC team!!!


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