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  Monthly Report on Site Building, 8/2007
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Last EditedChronicler  Sep 01, 2007 12:41pm
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News DateSaturday, September 1, 2007 06:30:00 PM UTC0:0
DescriptionIn the past month, users who primarily post news items took a slight break while those who post new races invested more time.

=== News Items ===

Thirty-eight users posted 504 news items. That was a drop from the 597 of the previous month and was the lowest monthly total in four months. The monthly average for the past year is now 612. Participating users averaged 13.3 news posts.

The following is a list of users who entered at least one new story in 8/2007. The following list is in no particular order. New Jerusalem, Particleman, Bobby, Kal El, Ryan Walker, Eddy, Eric, Pimpilicious, DFW, Buddy, Dave Imperator, Patrick, Karma, Bob, Matthew Wraz, Karin, Polecat, RBH, Greg Jones, Brett, Devon Hill, RMF, Bill Albers, Scott Tester, Thomas Walker, Howie, Joe Keene, Prof. Plum, C Block, Chronicler, Mad Viking, NYS 63, MT Gov, Sarnstrom, Ev, Socialist, Aviator, and Randy.

Posting of News Items, 8/2007
#Last Month - 505Past 12 Months - 7,341Site Totals - 34,073
1 Randy - 99 Randy - 972 Randy - 4,631
2 Bobby Joe Keene Aviator
3 RBH Aviator Joe Keene
4 Kal El Bobby Howie
5 Joe Keene C Block Edgewater
6 Aviator Thomas Walker Thomas Walker
7 Ryan Walker Kal El Scott Tester
8 Scott Tester Brandon Brandon
9 Thomas Walker Ryan Walker Bill Albers
10 Particleman - 18 Scott Tester - 292 C Block - 1,006
11Buddy Forward Ryan Walker
12 Socialist Bill Albers Kal El
13 Ev Howie NY Democrat
14 Prof. Plum DFW Dem Bobby
15 Chronicler - 10 Brett - 172 Brett - 706

=== Races Created ===

Thirty users posted 2,251 races. This was a drop from the 3,866 of one year ago, but it is the highest monthly total this year since 3/07. The average for the past 12 months is now 1,483. Participating users averaged 75 new elections.

In the past month, four users passed milestones. Brett passed 9,000; Karma and RBH passed 1,500; and RMF passed 1,000. Congratulations!!

The following users posted races in the past month (again, in no order): Eddy, Thomas Walker, Brett, John Krause, Comedy, Buddy, NYS 63, C Block, Ryan Walker, Prof. Plum, Socialist, Aviator, Bobby, Scott Tester, Polecat, Randy, Chronicler, Trotter, RMF, Mad Viking, Sarnstrom, Patrick, New Jerusalem, Karma, Howie, RBH, Ev, Pimpilicious, Greg Jones, and Joe Keene.

Races Created, 8/2007
#Last Month - 2,251Past 12 Months - 17,792Site Totals - 139,251
1 RBH - 606 Eddy - 7,077 Eddy - 21,694
2 Karma Brett Thomas Walker
3 Scott Tester Chronicler Joe Skylark
4 Brett Thomas Walker Brett
5 RMF Ev NYS 63
6 Ev Karma Chronicler
7 Mad Viking RBH MCPM
8 Thomas Walker Dave Trotter Dave Trotter
9 Socialist Scott Tester Valerie
10 NYS 63 - 78MCPM - 1,090 Joshua Lemere - 3,889
11 New Jerusalem Mad Viking Scott Tester
12 Buddy Brian G. Meta
13 Comedy NYS 63 Bill Albers
14 Ryan Walker Dave Imperator Polecat
15 Polecat - 13 RMF - 404 Randy - 2,358

Sorry that I don't have time to do a third table this time.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to the effort to continue making OC the greatest political website!!!


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