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  A Red Tory's Creed
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Last EditedMonsieur  Aug 13, 2007 01:02pm
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News DateSunday, November 16, 2003 06:00:00 PM UTC0:0
DescriptionI am a Red Tory.

I believe in a sphere for free enterprise and a sphere for an activist government. I believe that the Liberals have muddled the two together while the NDP and far-right proponents place too much emphasis on one over the other.

I believe that the free market, individual initiative and self-reliance should be encouraged as the keys to prosperity. I want government to collaborate with businesses, not work against them, to reduce needless red tape and taxes that hurt competitiveness. However, I do not adhere to the American Republicanism that is manifest in the Canadian Alliance. I do not agree with the neo-conservative belief that individuals should be entitled to follow self-interest for its own sake, magically leading to some "public good" through the invisible hand of the market with no government role beyond protection of property rights. I believe that faith in the law of the jungle will produce a jungle.

I believe that faith in the public good will lead to the public good. I believe that the invisible hand of the market is important, but it must be steadied by the hand of public responsibility. I believe that a conscious and direct consideration of an individual's free-market activity should be the public good, and government involvement is an integral part of this.

I believe that the greatest financial gains in the world do not make a society better if they are accrued through environmental destruction, creating an underclass of the working poor, or the starvation of key public goods. The free market has shown itself to be a poor provider of universal education, health care, a clean environment and public infrastructure, such as water systems, which exist for the benefit of all and which, ultimately, make us more economically competitive.

I respect the marketplace, but I do not worship it as the solution to all problems. As part of this, I oppose flat taxes, the privatization of core services and the far-right dogma of massive tax
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